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Want to know how to attract and manifest the things you want more consistently?

Learn the keys to effective manifesting with The Manifestation Masterclass now only $19.99 for a limited time!

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“Hands down the best course about manifesting that I have done."

What you'll learn in this manifesting course:

The science of manifestation
Manifesting Milestones
Manifestation with Consciousness Cocreation

The Science of Manifestation

The Five Key Milestones of Successful Manifestation Journeys

Empowered Manifesting

And much much more!

What if attracting and manifesting the things you want could mean...

Being crystal clear about what you want from the start. 

Knowing exactly where to put your time, attention, energy and internal resources to succeed at manifesting. 


Consistent manifestation success.


Feeling positive during the course of your manifestation journey. 


Feeling loved, seen, and supported by Universal Intelligence.


Enjoying the journey to your manifested experience.

What if it could be all of these things and much more?!


In The Manifestation Masterclass you'll learn new approaches to manifesting that can help you achieve just this! By upgrading your manifestation beliefs, and setting up your manifestation process and system (which you'll learn in the course), you can more consistently co-create manifestation journeys that are effective, enjoyable, and satisfying.

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What's in The Manifestation Masterclass

In the over 4.5 hours of on-demand video training from Kidest, you'll learn: 

  • The Science of Manifestation: Delve into a fascinating blend of quantum physics, the power of intention, and co-creation. Learn how quantum physics can help you understand the science of manifestation.

  • Intention-Setting Mastery: Learn the art of crafting harmonic intentions that are effective. Uncover the nuances of intention setting and how it is one of the cornerstones of successful manifestation.

  • What Helps You Expand Your Consciousness: Engage with expansive ideas on developing your manifestation mindset and learn practical, actionable steps you can take to take your co-creation knowledge to the next level.

  • Ways to Raise Your Vibration for Manifestation: Identify key practices to shift your mindset and embrace a more positive, receptive approach to abundance, well-being, and much much more.

  • Actionable Steps: Manifestation doesn’t come from passive wishful thinking; manifestation success is about taking purposeful actions that are aligned with your well-formed coherent intentions. Gain insights into aligning your actions with your intentions for consistent and satisfying results.

  • Practical Tips: Benefit from expert guidance on weaving manifestation seamlessly into your daily routine. Elevate your manifestation prowess with actionable tips that yield real-world results.

The Manifestation Masterclass includes new material from Kidest OM that can help you expand, improve, or fine-tune your existing maps and models about manifestation and co-creation. To learn more, preview the course, or enroll, click the button on this page. 

The Manifestation Masterclass 500x131.png

What if attracting and manifesting the things you want could be a predictable and reliable journey of co-creative fun, learning, and growth?

In The Manifestation Masterclass you’ll learn the science of why manifestation works and how it can work for you. Not only does Kidest OM teach manifestation and co-creation as an emerging evolutionary skill for humanity, but also a natural universal process you can learn.


Drawing on several key principles from the findings of quantum physics, psychology, philosophy, and metaphysics, you can develop, fine-tune, and improve this natural skill for more enjoyable manifestation journeys and results.


It's 4.5 hours of on-demand manifestation training designed to empower you!

The Manifestation Masterclass 500x131.png


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Lifetime access and free future course updates.

There is no ongoing payment. You get lifetime access to the course content immediately.

The Manifestation Masterclass 500x131.png

How is The Manifestation Masterclass Course Taught

The Manifestation Masterclass is currently available online on Udemy

If you don't already have an Udemy account you'll have to create one by providing your name, email address and choosing a password. 

Once you purchase the course, you'll have lifetime access to the material and any future updates that may be added. 


You can review and revisit the course content freely at your own pace and gain from the valuable insights and practical tips included in this manifestation course.

To learn more or enroll, click the button below.

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