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Manifestation Books to Help Make Your Dreams a Reality

Use these three manifestation books to learn and practice attracting the things you want and desire.

Top Manifestation Books

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Three Must Have Manifesting Books

If you want to understand the life-transforming effect of your co-creative power, of your power to directly co-create with the intelligence of the Universe to bring about the things you desire, these books were written just for you. 

"Anything You Want" and "Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success and Fulfilment" are indispensable books that offer rich insights on the fundamentals of manifesting your desires, co-creation with the Universe, and your power to artfully allow great things to unfold in your life.  From these two books, you'll learn how to regulate yourself energetically, psychologically, and emotionally to align with your clear intentions. You'll also learn how to better receive the supportive guidance and nudges from Universal Intelligence. Offering practical techniques and actionable strategies, Kidest OM will guide you into a deeper understanding of what beliefs, steps, and approaches will help you to live your cocreative power in action. 

​You can then put all of your law of attraction and manifestation knowledge to practice using Kidest's Manifestation Journal and Planner, specifically designed to support your ability to manage your vibration and manifest your desires. When you directly experience your innate abilities for co-creation, you can't help but fully realize the profound gifts the Universe endowed you with to manifest your best life. 

You have the abilities to attract your dreams and desires. You do! You have innate gifts that allow you to manifest your intentions.  The loving intelligence of the Universe that created you made it that way. Learning how to effectively use those innate abilities and gifts is the key to getting the results you desire. The unparalleled guidance you'll receive from these books will light the way!

Get your copy today and learn the invaluable insights that will help you: 

  • Understand your innate co-creative powers.

  • Upgrade your mindset and release old self-limiting programs.

  • Expand your consciousness and raise your vibration for more effective co-creation with the Universe.

  • Move through the intention to manifestation journey with more flow and alignment.

  • ​Become receptive to the nudges and guidance from Universal Intelligence. 

  • Ultimately make your dreams and intentions a living reality!

See why thousands of readers worldwide keep going back to read and re-read these timeless and powerful titles from Kidest OM.  

Get your copy on Amazon worldwide in Kindle, Paperback, or Hardcover.

Manifestation Books by Kidest OM

Manifestation Books

Available on Amazon

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Get your copy today and make these powerful and transformational books your invaluable manifesting resources!

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