Remote Chakra Energy Healing Sessions with Kidest OM

Remote Deep Chakra Energy Healing Session

Kidest offers Remote Chakra Healing to a small number of clients each month. After studying and practicing several different healing modalities for over ten years (reiki, quantum touch, holographic memory reconsolidation, intention healing, to name a few), Kidest discovered an effective healing approach that uses focused intent and quantum access. She uses this approach to bring your chakras into harmonic balance through distant or remote healing.  

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❝Healing on all levels is a natural occurrence in the Universe. Growth and healing go hand-in-hand. Evolution and healing go together. Nature, life heals itself as it grows, evolves, and transforms. Let healing occurrences be a natural expectation in your belief system.❞ —Kidest OM

About Remote Chakra Healing with Kidest OM

Kidest uses her knowledge and gift for healing to facilitate the return of coherent, ordered energy flow back into your bio-electromagnetic energy field and system. Using a unique combination of focused intent and quantum access, Kidest can help you heal imbalances in your bio-field to restore balance and coherence to how you flow and metabolize life force energy. Kidest's Remote Chakra Healing can help to bring harmonic order to different layers of your being — psychological, emotional, and physical. Your choice from the Remote Chakra Healing offers below can help you reach a new level of coherence and internal energetic balance. 
You can enhance the flow of vital energy throughout your bio-field through the healing, tuning, and toning the Remote Chakra Healing sessions offer. The chakra system is how you receive and metabolize Universal Energy (prana, chi, qi, etc.)  from the Unified Field. Your chakra system is also the system through which you express your co-creative power. The upward energy flow of consciousness expansion, and the downward energy flow of manifestation, occur through your chakras. Remote Chakra Healing is an approach that focuses healing energies at the root of imbalances to support your natural physical and psycho=energetic ability to be in connection, balance, and internal harmony.   
Energy Medicine or Energy Healing, whether in-person or at a distance, is helpful both before an issue is experienced as a preventive practice and after an issue is experienced as a restorative practice. We live in a self-healing, self-restoring Universe. The body and the Human Energy Field are self-healing systems with a propensity to move toward balance and harmony. Energy Healing supports and enhances these natural self-healing capacities of your whole system.

Please note that although Kidest may receive impressions of what may be happening in your energy field, she does not provide readings. The goal and focus of the Remote Deep Chakra Energy Healing session(s) is to heal, tune, tone, and resolve any incoherence or imbalances present at the chakra and surrounding area.

What does Remote Chakra Healing accomplish?

  • Correction of chakra imbalances (e.g., excesses and deficiencies)

  • Expansion of consciousness

  • Release of unprocessed inner material (e.g., trapped or inherited emotions)

  • Balancing accumulated mental or psychic energy

  • Increasing connection to grounding Earth frequencies

  • Increasing a feeling of deep relaxation

  • Releasing inner resistance 

Who is Remote Chakra Healing for?

  • ​Adults, children, pets

  • Those desiring personal growth

  • Those desiring an expansion in consciousness

  • Those experiencing persistent psychological or emotional blocks


*Please note: that if you are pregnant, have a serious illness (like active cancer) or have had a major concussion in the last three months, Remote Deep Chakra Healing is not recommended for you.   Remote Chakra Healing can at times trigger significant detoxification, and your physical system needs to have the internal resources to be able to manage that detoxification process and release. 


What does Remote Chakra Healing feel like?

Individuals have reported the following feelings: deep relaxation, vivid dreams, altered states of consciousness, emotional release, feelings of lightness, temperature changes, feelings of euphoria or bliss, feeling clear and grounded, an enhanced feeling of well-being, a resolution of recurring issues or challenges.

What is the cost of the Remote Chakra Healing sessions?

Kidest offers two types of remote chakra healing sessions on individual chakras — (1) deep chakra healings that address psychological, emotional, and inherited patterns and (2) chakra tune-ups.  You can choose from a single deep healing session on one chakra, a 3-session deep healing and toning package for a single chakra, or a tune-up maintenance session.


If it’s been some time since you’ve had a healing session or this is your first chakra healing, Kidest recommends choosing the 3-session package.

(maintenance session)

1 Session Chakra Tune-Up

​Follow-up tuning of front and back of a chakra already addressed through initial deep remote chakra healing sessions. 


[Regular Price $99 USD]


3 Deep Healing Sessions on a Single Chakra   

(completed over 3 weeks)

This package includes addressing physical, emotional, and inherited patterns from in utero to your current age on the chakra (front and back).


[Regular Price $399 USD]


1 Deep Healing Session on a Single Chakra 

Single chakra deep healing session to address physical, emotional, and inherited patterns from in utero to your current age on the chakra (front and back).


[Regular Price $175 USD]


What are the results of Remote Chakra Healing sessions?

Each remote healing session will introduce coherent (highly ordered harmonic) energy waveforms into your bio-field. The healing process will unfold from one to two weeks after treatment. It’s essential to have a week or so elapse between sessions to give your body and bio-field appropriate time to detox and integrate the healing.

Healing and resolution of an issue can occur immediately or over the course of several sessions. How rapidly an issue is resolved through Energy Healing depends on several variables. The number of sessions needed for maximum benefit will also vary for each person. In some instances, Energy Healing paired with therapeutic or coaching resources will more holistically support an individual’s self-growth effort.

Benefits can include: improvement in the area of concern, expanded awareness, accelerated healing at the energetic level, enhanced ability to function mentally and emotionally, forward movement, a greater sense of self-love and self-compassion, increased connection to personal power, enhanced feelings of well-being, attunement to Higher Self or Inner Being, increased receptivity to well-being, reduction in feelings of anxiety (balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic systems), enhanced resilience in times of stress.