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About Kidest OM

Through my books, courses, and resources I help you create the mindset and vibrational shifts needed to co-creatively manifest your best life.  

I'm a business owner, author, and teacher with many published consciousness evolution and manifestation books and courses.  I teach the power of a consciousness-first worldview and how by evolving your consciousness, you can co-create a fulfilling and satisfying life experience. 

To support your growth and empowerment, I provide transformative knowledge, guidance, and resources. I believe human beings can tap into an innate capacity for expressing exceedingly more harmonious, resonant, and congruent patterns of self, relationship, and reality.


In addition to my books and courses, I have publications on psychology and consciousness in magazines and journals. I am dedicated to inspiring and empowering deliberate creators and spiritual growth seekers to express more empowered states of being.

Education & Previous Work

I received my B.A. (Hons. Cum Laude) in Psychology with a minor in Criminology.   I worked at a local University and Mental Health Center for several years, assisting in clinical and experimental research programs that sought to understand the power of cognition, emotions, and relationships in shaping individuals. I pursued a Master's degree, which I dropped when I quickly realized that my passion was for the work of empowering personal development and spiritual growth in others. 

I’m an avid student of holistic, and integrative approaches to consciousness expansion and the embodiment of empowered levels of mind.  I’m also an enthusiastic explorer of positive psychology, neuroscience, financial intelligence, digital marketing, and the fascinating world of technology and technological innovation.  Having worked in executive and leadership roles within the social sciences and the tech industry, I also apply my understanding and insights to business and leadership contexts.  

Learning from Kidest

One of my priorities in life is to keep learning about what's possible psychologically, emotionally, and energetically to enable human beings to co-creatively and collaboratively live their best lives.  When I create my books, courses, and resources my unwavering focus is on providing my readers and students with the harmonic guidance that can help them achieve the fulfilling results they want and deserve. 

I continue to deepen and expand my personal practice in consciousness explorations, perspective shifts, and psycho-energetic transformation because there is no substitute for direct experience. I know because I'm grounded in what I teach,  what I transmit is embodied knowledge, it's expansive and practical at the same time.  I specialize in empowering growth-oriented deliberate creators to access the most profound and most empowered parts of themselves. I wholeheartedly believe that everyone deserves to live the experiences they genuinely desire, with more ease and harmonic balance.

I know that expressing higher levels of empowerment more consistently throughout your lifetime is a total possibility with access to (and application of) the right transformative knowledge and guidance, and that's where my books, courses, and resources come in.

From my perspective, there are no limits. There are only possibilities and creative, imaginative solutions.

You can start your journey of empowerment today with the help of my books, courses, and resources.

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