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Manifestation Coaching with Kidest OM

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UPDATE NOVEMBER 2021: Thank you for your interest in working with Kidest, however Kidest is no longer offering manifestation coaching. As an author and teacher, Kidest's first passion is creating valuable resources in the forms of books, courses, and more.

​After a decade of providing deliberate creation coaching support to individuals from all over the world, Kidest has re-shifted her focus to creating more manifestation books, courses, and resources that will empower and reach larger groups of people.

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Get the Manifestation Book Bundle

If you're looking to improve your manifestations, consider this three book bundle as an invaluable resource. Kidest's OM's "Anything You Want" and "Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success and Fulfilment" will help you build your conceptual understanding and map of how to manifest the things you want.


The Manifestation Planner & Journal is a 52-week structured journal with weekly assessments and questions that will help you put your learning to practice. By combining the power of developing your manifestation knowledge and applying your learning, you'll essentially coach yourself through these three resources. 

Tools & Resources to Support You from Kidest OM

There are a number of ways you can keep learning from Kidest's teachings.​​​

If you're not already subscribed, sign-up for Kidest's newsletter to stay informed on new books, courses, and offers from Kidest.


Kidest's Books – Books by Kidest OM

There are over 12 titles for you to choose from on manifestation, co-creation, and more. You can find Kidest's books in eBook and print on Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Google Books and more.


Kidest's Courses – Courses by Kidest OM

Kidest OM's courses provide a more comprehensive look at some of the topics she covers in her books. When you enroll in a course, you will have immediate access to the course content, which includes teachings and exercises.


Kidest's Free YouTube Videos ​– Kidest's YouTube Channel

Find insights, pointers, and guidance on manifestation and more on Kidest's YouTube channel.  


Kidest's Podcasts ​– The Kidest OM Podcast & Manifesting Monday's with Kidest OM

The Kidest OM Podcast features discussions on consciousness expansion, deliberate creation, and empowerment. 

Manifesting Monday's with Kidest OM offers manifesting tips, guidance, and more. 

❝You are never given a dream without also being given the power
to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.❞ —Richard Bach

Manifestation Coaching with Kidest OM

Are you putting your cocreative power to work for you effectively? Based on the principles of deliberate creation, Private Manifestation Coaching gives you access to one-on-one coaching and consultation support from Kidest OM via weekly or bi-weekly Zoom or phone meetings (45 to 60min). 

​Coaching with Kidest is layered, dynamic, and responsive to your unique needs. Kidest uses her expertise in neuroscience, psychology, deliberate creation, subtle body systems, and energy healing modalities to empower you on your manifestation journey.

Kidest's Coaching is an "outcome-focused" or result-focused approach that helps you move through the different milestones of the manifestation journey in an empowered and aligned way. Through clear intention, resonant integration practices, and clearing limiting programs, coaching will focus on having you embody the empowering and resonant states that help you attract and ground your desired manifestations.  

​Through coaching with Kidest OM, you will:

  • Gain clear access to your vision.

  • Set clear and resonant intentions.

  • See the power of co-creation at work in your world and gain greater direct insight into your manifestation process.

  • Embody and encode the states that are magnetic to the experiences you desire.

  • Learn the psycho-energetic skills and strategies necessary to move into future desired experiences with less time, energy, and focus investment.

  • Learn and develop more manifestation skills and resources.

  • Develop and hone your ability to regulate and raise your vibration.

  • Create more useful and resourceful distinctions for yourself around the nature of reality and the nature of your being.

  • Enhance your ability to stay aligned throughout your manifestation journey.

  • Calibrate your nervous system for a higher and more optimal quality of life.

  • Have Kidest hold you accountable for staying aligned to your intention and desired manifestation. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Coaching is not a substitute for therapy, counseling, or medical advice. If you are experiencing significant distress, please connect to the appropriate licensed professionals and resources in your community or contact your doctor for appropriate referrals. ​​​

What is the cost of manifestation coaching with Kidest OM?

Kidest offers individual coaching sessions or packages to support you in creating empowered manifestation journeys.  You can choose from individual coaching sessions or monthly packages.

(maintenance session)

1 Hour Coaching Session 

1 hour video or phone manifestation coaching session.

[Regular Price $900 USD]


4 Weekly Sessions

via Zoom or Phone


[Regular Price $2,900 USD]


Weekly 1 Hour Sessions for 3 Months

via Zoom or Phone

[Regular Price $8,000 USD]

*** Manifestation Coaching is not available at this time. 

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