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Manifestation Books by Kidest OM to Help You Attract and Manifest What You Want ​

​Kidest's books provide insights and techniques for your consciousness expansion and manifestation journey. Leverage the numerous benefits of learning the principles of deliberate creation and manifestation and develop the optimistic and positive outlook that can help you improve your life experiences. Choose from eleven unique titles on manifesting abundance, success, weight loss, and more, and begin to co-creatively manifest your dreams into reality. 

Available in eBook & Print

Books on Manifesting and Consciousness Expansion

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Want to learn on the go? These two manifestation books are now available on audio!

Instantly download these two reader favorites "Anything You Want" and "Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success & Fulfilment" now on audio.

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PLEASE NOTE: Since audiobooks are offered as an instant MP3 Download  (access to files are sent to you instantly after payment) these products are not exchangeable and are non-refundable.

Please listen to the preview audio sample for each book  before making your purchase.

Preview "Anything You Want" Audiobook.

Preview "Nothing in the Way" Audiobook.

Best Sellers & Reader Favorites to Help You Manifest Success and Improve Your Manifesting Mindset

Build and update your map of consciousness and co-creation with these in-depth conceptual and practical manifestation books from Kidest. These reader favorites can increase and deepen your understanding of how the power of attraction works, provide clarity on the principles of deliberate creation, help you let go of limiting beliefs, increase your self-awareness, habituate your ability to live from positive emotion, increase your optimism, and help you to use the power of attraction to attract new experiences and improve your current one's. 


Filled with practical tips and techniques, you can find the inspiration, motivation, and the perspectives you're looking for to boost and improve your manifestation results. 

Anything You Want Book by Kidest OM

Anything You Want

Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success & Fulfilment

Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success & Fulfilment

In Tune with Miracles: Cultivating Miracle Consciousness Book

In Tune with Miracles: Cultivating Miracle Consciousness

Manifestation Journal to Help You with Setting Intentions and Manifesting Your Desires

Put your law of attraction and manifestation knowledge to practice using Kidest's 52-week manifestation journal and planner. By doing structured journaling each week and using the journal prompts and questions provided by Kidest, you'll manage your vibration and track your progress on your manifestation journey. This journal is designed to help you weekly practice setting intentions, follow-through on your intentions, manage your vibration, practice gratitude, and learn to co-create with the Universe.


One of the best ways to improve your manifestation process and results is to actively engage with your process — structured journaling will support your personal accountability, consistent intention setting habit, ability to manage and raise your vibration each week, and your overall forward momentum. 

Consciousness First Manifesting Workbooks for Abundance, Health, and More

Want to improve your health? Looking to shed some pounds? Want to improve how you're manifesting money in your life? These three consciousness-first manifestation workbooks will help you learn and practice the patterns of thinking and mindset that can lead to physical and financial well-being.

When you change your habits of thought and emotion, you change your energy. When you change your energy, you change your manifestations. These workbooks include daily practices and many affirmations to help you build and expand your manifestation mindset. 

Consciousness of Health Book

Consciousness of Health: Tuning into Absolute Well-being

Vibrating Abundance: Creating Wealth from the Inside Book

Vibrating Abundance: Creating Wealth from the Inside


Vibrational Weight Release

Manifesting and Consciousness Expansion Quotes from Kidest OM to Inspire You on Your Cocreation Journey 

A collection of hundreds of quotes from Kidest OM you can reference on the go. Quotes include tips and reminders on deliberate creation, success, spirituality, empowerment and consciousness expansion. 

IN-POWERMENT Mini-eBook Series on Deliberate Creation and Empowerment

Whether you want to learn how to move from desire to decision, understand how the mind and deliberate intent work, or learn what can help you stay centered in times of change and challenge, these mini-ebook series will serve as resources you can return to again and again. 

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