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Higher Consciousness — A Free eCourse for Consciousness Evolution

Learn to live your life from an empowered level of consciousness. 

Imagine having the energy, intuitive awareness, and universal guidance you need to fully self-express, actualize your potential, achieve your results, and manifest your desires.


What would that be like? 

The secret to a fulfilling life is an empowered consciousness; learning how to become empowered at the level of consciousness is one of the most invaluable pieces of knowledge you can acquire.

This free consciousness evolution e-course by Kidest OM is a great starting point on that journey of personal and spiritual empowerment. 

You can click the “enroll” button below to get started on this valuable learning journey.


How this Free Consciousness Evolution Course Can Help You on Your Personal Growth Journey


An evolving cosmos includes an evolving consciousness.


In this free consciousness evolution course, you'll explore an in-depth breakdown of the empowered levels of consciousness. You'll find practical steps to expand your consciousness and raise and improve your energetic frequency. 

By learning about the nine empowered levels of consciousness, you can develop your unique framework for how consciousness can expand through integrating particular worldviews and the transcendence of some beliefs and behavioral habits. Maps make navigation easier, and it’s no different when navigating the subjective territories of human experience. 

You can explore several developmental models of consciousness evolution to cultivate a rich understanding of how consciousness can reach more holistic and empowered levels of self-expression. 

Using David Hawkin’s scale, this free eCourse details what types of beliefs and thinking habits reside at each level and what practices can help you evolve and expand. From the courage level of consciousness to the enlightenment level of consciousness, you’ll find a well-developed description of what can help consciousness reach and stabilize in inclusive and positive energy-based states.


To enroll and go on this valuable learning journey, click the "enroll" button below. 

Learn to attract and manifest from a higher consciousness.

Consciousness and Manifestation Books from Kidest OM

What's in the this Consciousness Evolution eCourse

Map of Consciousness Course

In this FREE 10-part video e-course, an essential primer on consciousness expansion, Kidest (with an animated instructor’s help) provides a detailed breakdown of the life-rich, magnetic, and empowered consciousness levels on the levels of consciousness chart.

These levels are the ones that calibrate above 200 on David Hawkins's consciousness scale (the levels going from Courage to Enlightenment/Unity).

By taking this course, you will:

  • Develop a clear and detailed map of the consciousness "levels" that reflect empowerment and increasingly coherent bio-fields.

  • Understand what each empowered level of consciousness brings about.

  • Understand the psychological, emotional, and behavioral patterns that help you calibrate to the level. (e.g., the attitudes that start to appear at the level).

  • Understand the psychological, emotional, and behavioral patterns that help you transcend the level.

  • Learn the challenges related to each specific level. 

  • Learn the associated logarithmic scale and emotion.

  • Understand what helps you develop advanced levels of awareness and reach a higher level.

  • Find insights on what happens to your energy field and energetic frequency as you expand to different levels of consciousness. 

  • Learn the role of healing in consciousness expansion. 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how an empowered human consciousness can improve all areas of life.

What are the nine empowered levels of human consciousness?


The nine empowered or expanded levels of consciousness, as presented in Dr. Hawkins’s theoretical framework, are: 


  1. Courage level of consciousness

  2. Neutrality level of consciousness

  3. Willingness level of consciousness

  4. Acceptance level of consciousness

  5. Reason level of consciousness

  6. Love level of consciousness

  7. Joy level of consciousness 

  8. Peace level of consciousness

  9. Enlightenment level of consciousness 

You can enroll to learn more about these nine empowered levels of higher consciousness by clicking on the "enroll" button below and signing up for the free eCourse. 


If you’ve asked, “Can consciousness affect matter” then you’re likely on the wavelength of a consciousness-first worldview. Whether you’ve studied principles of deliberate creation, the laws of attraction, universal laws, or even quantum physics, the idea that consciousness can affect and influence matter can be found in many different schools of thought. 

An important distinction to make, however, is to look at how a higher consciousness can affect and influence matter. The quantum field is a higher-dimensional field of activity. It is an expanded consciousness that can effectively interact with this higher-dimensional domain of reality. 

Altering the trajectory of manifesting circumstances and events or attracting and manifesting new probabilities from the quantum field requires a certain level of coherence in the vibrational broadcast you emit.


A coherent energy field is necessary to co-create the type of field effects that lead to attraction and direct the wave function of manifesting outcomes. That coherence is directly linked to how expanded your consciousness is.


It’s also an expanded consciousness that helps you to understand the signals from the quantum field that arise to support you on your co-creative manifestation journey. 

Understanding the empowered or higher levels of consciousness can be a helpful step in your overall map for how quantum consciousness works to alter, modify, or influence events and objects in the material dimension. 

You can click the “enroll” button below to get started on this valuable learning journey.

The Relationships Between Spiritual Growth and an Empowered Consciousness


Personal development and spiritual growth follow the same processes of consciousness evolution. Consciousness evolves through integrating new beliefs and worldviews while simultaneously letting go of or transcending old beliefs and paradigms.  

An expanded consciousness, an empowered consciousness, and spiritual growth are on the same continuum of consciousness evolution. The theories, techniques, and practices designed to help you develop personally, whether they teach you self-awareness skills or self-regulation skills, do so by helping to expand your consciousness. 

By exploring new facets of yourself, your nature, and your internal experience, and by helping you learn different ways of seeing and approaching yourself, others, and life, knowledge resources on consciousness expansion and spiritual growth can help you step into new levels of mind. That expansion of consciousness continues into the spiritual or more subjective territories of experience. 

The "Map of Consciousness" by David Hawkins is one of the more structured theories of consciousness expansion that you can study to understand how consciousness can become more empowered and expansive. Understanding the map of consciousness, along with Kidest’s insights and suggestions in the course, can help you on your personal development and spiritual growth journey. 

How is this Consciousness Evolution Free e-Course Taught

This course on expanding your consciousness is a FREE e-Course.


This means you will receive the "understanding the 9 empowered levels of consciousness" course content for free by email to enjoy from the comfort of your home.  The course content is a series of 10 video recordings by Kidest (made in 2021) that detail the characteristics of each of the 9 empowered levels. 

When you enroll in the e-Course, you'll receive an email asking you to confirm your enrollment. This step ensures we're sending the course content to the correct email inbox. 

Each of the 9 empowered levels of consciousness videos will be individually emailed to you at that sign-up email address over the course of two to three months in line with a paced learning schedule.

You can review and revisit the course content freely at your own pace for as long as this consciousness eCourse is available.

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