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The Science and Art of Deliberate Creation

There are several different labels given to the process of co-creating your experiences with others and Universal Intelligence. Universal Intelligence, the Unified Field, and Universal Mind are all terms that point to the higher organizing intelligence that animates and expresses all aspects of life. As an expression of this Intelligence, you have a direct relationship with that organizing principle.

While the law of attraction has gained global awareness on your ability to co-create with the Universe, other terms like “conscious creation” and “manifesting” are also pointing to this same process of being able to attract and magnetize future desired experiences into your life through your vibration and frequency.

What is Deliberate Creation

Deliberate Creation describes the overall process in that manifesting journey you go on when you want to co-create or manifest your dreams and desires. You can manifest anything you want into your life experience. By following a key set of steps, you can attract knowledge, guidance, and experiences to help you manifest new and different experiences.

Through deliberate creation, you can expand your consciousness, grow spiritually, heal physical, psychological, and emotional imbalances, manifest abundance, and improve all aspects of your life experience. Whatever you desire to experience in your life, you can bring it about through Deliberate Creation.

What is the Science and Art of Deliberate Creation

The process of deliberately creating your future experiences involves specific steps you take. Deliberate Creation has a repeatable process that gets you results each and every time you put it to practice. You engage your psychology, mind, imagination, self-awareness, and ability to self-regulate to start and finish that process.

The four main steps in Deliberate Creation are as follows:

Step #1 — Getting clear on what you want

Step #2 — Setting your intention or Vision

Step #3 — Using your emotional guidance system to get into alignment and clean up your vibration

Step #4 — Taking inspired and aligned action

With Field or Universal Intelligence feedback, you’ll move through these four key steps to articulate, refine, express, and experience your intention.

This process is both a science and an art. It’s a repeatable methodology. You apply these four key steps to manifesting for every new experience you want or for anything you want to improve in yourself or your environment.

The artistry of it is you get to experience your creative power in the process. You get to express your creativity at every step, from using the power of imagination to using your ability to create new stories for your life that then become realities — you get to use your vibration and frequency to make an artful expression of your life experiences.

Deliberate Creation is a beautiful, empowering journey you can go on as many times as you choose. Universal Intelligence is always attuned and attentive to your dreams and desires. Through co-creation, you experience and communicate with that broader Intelligence and bring about fulfilling experiences while learning, growing, and evolving along the way.

The Benefits of Using Deliberate Creation

The process of deliberately creating your future experiences helps you create enjoyable journeys. Because you’re engaging with the energy of the events you want to experience before they are in the physical dimension, you have ample space and time to fine-tune and adjust the vibration of what’s coming into manifestation before it fully actualizes into the physical dimension.

Deliberate Creation allows you to express the artist within yourself. You’re not simply reacting to experiences that manifest. You are engaging with others and Universal Intelligence to bring about experiences that are energetically balanced and harmonic. Engaging with your life through this process makes for a much more satisfying life journey on many levels.

You get to experience your empowered place in the Universe. You get to experience the manifesting gifts life has endowed you with repeatedly. You get to consciously experience the loving attentiveness of Universal Intelligence. You get to experience your power to transform any vibration within yourself. You get to learn how perfectly designed you are to co-create your experience.

Engaging in the Deliberate Creation process increases your trust in yourself, your trust in life, and your confidence in your ability to impact and affect your outcomes. It helps you appreciate the collaborative and cooperative platform physical reality can be. Plus, you get to attract and manifest the things you want in life through inexplicable coincidences that reflect the vast intelligence at work in all things.

If you want an in-depth resource on how to be effective at Deliberate Creation, get yourself a copy of my book Anything You Want. It’s available on amazon worldwide and jam-packed with answers to many frequently asked questions on manifesting and co-creation.

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