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The Manifestation Masterclass

Step-by-Step Detailed Guidance to Help You Manifest Your Desires

Ready to unlock your co-creative potential to attract and manifest the things you want?


Welcome to The Manifestation Masterclass – your gateway to manifestation success.

In this captivating learning journey offering new insights, and co-creative empowerment, you get 4.5 hours of comprehensive video training on the five key steps to fulfilling manifestation journeys.


The in-depth guidance, practical tools, and new effective approaches from Kidest can help you attract and manifest what you want more consistently.

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REG. $129 USD


“Hands down the best course about manifesting that I have done."

How would you like to take a manifestation course that's designed to empower you?

From how to surface your desires, set coherent intentions, feel positive during your manifestation journey while taking inspired and meaningful actions, what you'll learn in the masterclass can empower you on your manifestation journeys for the long-term.


Whether you want to learn how to start manifesting in general or how to specifically go about manifesting abundance in your life, what you'll learn in this course can help you develop the approaches you need to successfully put theory to practice. 

One of Kidest's key touchpoints in the course is helping you explore your existing approach to manifestation.

Setting up an effective manifestation process and system is essential for consistent and satisfying results.


What is a manifestation process and system? It's simple. It's your unique approach to manifestation. The manifestation knowledge you've acquired and the practical steps you've learned to take to attract and manifest the things you want.

Defining and developing how you approach manifestation can help you become more effective at using your time, energy, and internal resources to attract and manifest the things you desire...consistently!

Whether you have an existing manifestation process and system or are new to manifestation, in The Manifestation Masterclass, Kidest OM guides you into developing or incorporating some key milestones that can support and empower you on every manifestation journey.

PLUS you get lifetime access to this comprehensive training, a valuable resource you can use as often as you need. 

The Five Milestones Taught in this Manifestation Course

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Central to what you learn in The Manifestation Masterclass are the five milestones of effective manifestation journeys.


From over a decade of successfully practicing and teaching deliberate creation and manifestation principles, as well as from her time as a manifestation coach, Kidest identified key steps that are essential to fulfilling manifestation journeys.


In the masterclass, you'll get detailed guidance and practical tips for implementing each of these key "achievements" of effective manifestation journeys into your own manifestation system and process.  

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What's in The Manifestation Masterclass

the manifestation masterclass

In the over 4.5 hours of on-demand video training from Kidest, you'll learn: 

  • The Science of Manifestation: Delve into a fascinating blend of quantum physics, the power of intention, and co-creation. Learn how quantum physics can help you understand the science of manifestation.

  • Intention-Setting Mastery: Learn the art of crafting harmonic intentions that are effective. Uncover the nuances of intention setting and how it is one of the cornerstones of successful manifestation.

  • What Helps You Expand Your Consciousness: Engage with expansive ideas on developing your manifestation mindset and learn practical, actionable steps you can take to take your co-creation knowledge to the next level.

  • Ways to Raise Your Vibration for Manifestation: Identify key practices to shift your mindset and embrace a more positive, receptive approach to abundance, well-being, and much much more.

  • Actionable Steps: Manifestation doesn’t come from passive wishful thinking; manifestation success is about taking purposeful actions that are aligned with your well-formed coherent intentions. Gain insights into aligning your actions with your intentions for consistent and satisfying results.

  • Practical Tips: Benefit from expert guidance on weaving manifestation seamlessly into your daily routine. Elevate your manifestation prowess with actionable tips that yield real-world results.


The Manifestation Masterclass includes new material from Kidest OM that can help you expand, improve, or fine-tune your existing maps and models about manifestation and co-creation.


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What is the science of manifestation?

Have you ever asked "what's the science behind the law of attraction" or "what's the science of manifestation?"

In The Manifestation Masterclass, Kidest presents you with several key concepts from quantum physics that can help you understand why manifestation works and how it can work for you.


You'll also learn the role of a consciousness-first worldview in helping you to understand how quantum consciousness works to alter, modify, or influence events and objects in the material dimension. 

When you have a solid foundation for understanding the science of manifestation, attracting the things you want through co-creation with the Universe becomes a reliable and predictable process. 

Want a bit more predictability and reliability in your manifestation journeys?

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Learning to Attract and Manifest the Things You Want


One of the things you'll learn in The Manifestation Masterclass is to approach manifestation and co-creation as skill development.


Like developing any other skill, knowing how to surface your desires and set powerful intentions, knowing how to stay positive during your manifestation, knowing which actions are most aligned to the fruition of your desire are all skills you learn and develop as you practice the art of manifestation.


When you approach manifestation as a skill you're developing, you become more patient with yourself and your process. Patience and trust are based in positive energy, so approaching manifestation as a skill can help you in your efforts of managing and regulating your vibration to stay aligned and receptive to the things you're attracting into your life.


You'll learn this and much more in Kidest's masterclass!


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REG. $129 USD

How is The Manifestation Masterclass Course Taught

The Manifestation Masterclass is currently available online on Udemy

If you don't already have an Udemy account you'll have to create one by providing your name, email address and choosing a password. 

Once you purchase the course, you'll have lifetime access to the material and any future updates that may be added. 


You can review and revisit the course content freely at your own pace and gain from the valuable insights and practical tips included in this manifestation course.

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