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Planners and Journals for Manifestation and Personal Growth

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Manifestation Planner and Journal

The Manifestation Planner and Journal is a 52-week journal is a manifesting journal and vibration management tool all in one. It includes weekly self-assessments, journaling exercises, and open-ended questions to help you keep your manifestation intentions top of mind and create positive forward moving momentum on your manifestation journey. 

Paperback Journal: Size (8.5”x11”), 330 Pages, $19.99

Hardcover Journal: Size (8.25” x 11”), 329 Pages, $27.99

Choose from six designs:

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Manifestation Journal - Pink FC_edited.png
Manifestation Journal - Jungle FC_edited.png
Manifestation Journal - Botanical FC_edited.jpg
Manifestation Journal - Starry FC_edited.png
Manifestation Journal - Marble FC_edited.jpg

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Minimalist Gratitude Journal for Adults
Gratitude Journal Cover_Paperback FRONT COVER.png

The "Minimalist Gratitude Journal for Adults" is your essential companion for cultivating a mindset of gratitude in just a few minutes each day. Designed for simplicity and effectiveness, this gratitude journal provides a streamlined approach to acknowledge and appreciate the good in your life.

Journal Size: 6x9

Number of pages: 112

Paperback: $9.99

Hardcover: $16.99

Get your copy today and step into a new level of expressing your awesome cocreative power.

Available on Amazon

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