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The Positive Emotional Intelligence Course

Discover the transformative benefits of harnessing positive emotions for a happier, more fulfilling life.

What if you could increase how often you feel good in your life?

Would you want that?

In the Positive Emotional Intelligence Course, you'll learn how to further develop your self-awareness and self-regulation skills to harness the power of positive emotions. 

By applying what you learn in the course, you can create new default emotional baselines in the hope and optimism range. 

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Positive Emotional Intelligence

REG. $79 USD

Why an emotional intelligence (EQ) course about positive emotions?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) speaks to your unique ability to accurately identify, name, understand, and manage or regulate your emotions and behavior. Since emotions play a significant role in human behavior and relationships, the value of developing and improving your emotional intelligence skills over time can have a transformative impact on your life and relationships, both personally and professionally.  

Developing your EQ is generally linked to many benefits, including: 

  • Enhanced psychological well-being

  • Academic success

  • Learning motivation

  • Career success and advancement (improved workplace performance)

  • Improvement in resilience, empathy, and social skills

  • Leadership effectiveness 

While the general understanding and regulation of your emotions brings many benefits, the science is clear: Positive emotions can profoundly impact mental, emotional, relational, and physical well-being. From reducing stress to enhancing resilience, intentional practices that increase the frequency of positive emotions can elevate and even transform every aspect of life.

But how exactly can you leverage the potentially transformative benefits positive emotions bring about?

That's where building your emotional intelligence skills to increase the frequency of positive emotions in your life comes in. 

In the Positive Emotional Intelligence course, you'll learn how to specifically develop your self-awareness and self-regulation skills to increase and stabilize how frequently you feel good. 

To enroll and develop your EQ to increase the frequency of positive emotions in your daily life, click below. 

What's in the Positive Emotional Intelligence Course

Positive Emotional Intelligence Course Content

The Positive Emotional Intelligence Course includes on-demand video training (more than 15 modules) that provides: 

  • An overview of what positive emotional intelligence is all about

  • The scientifically proven benefits of experiencing positive emotions

  • How to develop your emotional intelligence to increase the frequency of positive emotions in your daily life

  • How to go from self-regulation to self-transformation 

  • Practical tools, exercises and techniques to develop your positive emotional intelligence skills

PLUS you get lifetime access to this comprehensive training, a valuable resource you can use and reference as often as you need. 

Why is the Positive Emotional Intelligence Course Important?

An emotional intelligence course focused on helping you to develop your ability to increase how frequently you feel good fosters a growth mindset, empowers you, and encourages resilience.


The Positive Emotional Intelligence course isn't going to teach you to feel good 100% of the time. What are traditionally called "negative" emotions have their value, function, and purpose. 


A growth mindset approach to your emotional intelligence says, "not only can I understand and regulate or manage my emotions, but I have the power to transform them as well."


It's empowering to recognize and live that you have control in how long you experience any type of emotion that arises in response to the situations in your daily life. You also have the power to evoke specific types of positive emotions through mindful and intentional exercises to add to your reservoir of good feelings and memories. 

This course teaches you how to use that power. 

Enroll and get started on an empowering journey by clicking the button on this page.

How is the Positive Emotional Intelligence Course Taught

The Positive Emotional Intelligence Course is currently available online on Udemy

If you don't already have an Udemy account you'll have to create one by providing your name, email address and choosing a password. 

Once you purchase the course, you'll have lifetime access to the material and any future updates that may be added. 


You can review and revisit the course content freely at your own pace and gain from the valuable insights and practical tips included in this manifestation course.

To learn more or enroll, click the button below.

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