Anything You Want Book by Kidest OM

Find answers to your most frequently asked questions about the law of attraction and manifesting your desires through deliberate intent. 

Anything You Want Book by Kidest OM

Use the teachings and guidance in this book to build your knowledge and improve your manifestation results.

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What you'll learn in this book:

How to Expand ​Your Sense of What's Possible

How to Update Your Unconscious Manifestation Beliefs

How to Co-create with Universal Intelligence

Ready to learn how to attract Anything You Want?

One of the first questions you have to ask yourself when working to get consistent results in deliberate creation or manifesting what you want is, "do I believe I can have anything I want?" In looking at your own beliefs of what you believe is possible for you, you will uncover the mindset you've normalized and made true up until now. From that awakening to your existing mindset and belief system, you'll begin the consciousness expansion journey that will result in more consistent manifestation outcomes.


In "Anything You Want," Kidest OM guides you through answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the law of attraction and manifestation. From understanding the power of consciousness to the science of setting intentions, you'll learn principles of consciousness that make co-creation and manifesting your intentions possible. You'll learn how your childhood programming contributes to your manifestation results, what role relationship boundaries play in your ability to broadcast clear vibrational signals, and how your concept of time impacts your co-creative and manifestation journey. Each of the 28 chapters in the book address key facets of what can make you an empowered co-creator with the Universe.
Anything You Want takes you deeper into what makes you a powerful manifester and what core concepts, manifestation techniques, and practices you can take on to flex your co-creative muscles masterfully. When you upgrade the master constructs you operate by about yourself, the manifestation process, and the Universe, you get more of the experiences you want flowing right into your life. There is no other book out there like this one!
Through active engagement with the expansive questions and insights offered in each chapter, you can cultivate and embody a mindset of possibility while raising the level of creative power you access and flow in your life. When you not just believe, but know that you can have anything you want, you have set-up the internal architecture you need to set intentions, embark on exciting manifestation journeys, and co-create the life of your dreams.
Are you ready? Dive in and step into a new level of attracting and manifesting new fulfilling experiences for your life.


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Anything You Want Book by Kidest OM

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Anything You Want Book by Kidest OM

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