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Does the Universe Have A Plan for You that is Separate From Your Personal Plans?

Does the Universe have a plan for your life that is separate from your own personal plans? Do you believe that there are two separate intentions at work in your life?

One of the most common assumptions or beliefs I hear from deliberate creators is around how their personal intentions and plans might be different from the intentions or plans the Universe has for them. Some people have an internal model that says "I have my intentions and plans for my life, and the Universe has its own intentions and plans for my life." It's an interesting belief to create and hold in yourself, and if you have this belief it's important for you to investigate where you got this belief from and why you accepted it to be true in your life.

How have you mapped your intentions and the intentions of the Universe? Are they two separate streams? How are you internally representing this "my plans" and "the Universe's plan for me"? In your own framework, in your own mindset, in your own concepts of self and Spirit, what do you make of your will, your intentions and your dreams, and the intentions, dreams, and will the Universe “has for you”? Are these internal impulses separate?

​Seeing Universal Intelligence as something separate and apart from you is a perception that needs correction. It is what’s at the root of questioning if your personal will and plans, and the Universes Intentions for you are aligned. Anytime you see yourself as being separate in your existence from Higher Intelligence “over there,” the mind can create all sorts of distortions around the other-ness of the Higher Power you reference. God, the Universe, the Divine is not a separate occurrence from your very existence. It is the Universe that is unfolding through you, that is expressing as you. Whatever impulse, dream, or desire you have is arising within you for a reason. Your individual will and desired plans is an extension of the Higher Will. You are contained within the infinitude of Universal Consciousness. You can’t have an experience that isn’t coming from this all-containing Unified Field. You are a part of it and within it, and It is a part of you and within you. There is no separation. You are an occurrence in the Unified Field, you are contained by it and animated by it. Any notion of “God has other plans for me” or “the Universe has different plans for me” presupposes a separation between self and Self. Such a perspective presupposes that what arises within you is occurring outside of the Universe that contains you. This is impossible!

Any feeling of there being a contradiction between what you want to experience and what you think the Universe wants you to experience indicates limiting beliefs. There is a mental filter there for you to dissolve so that you can see with clarity how you are one with the Universe. The Universe, the Divine, holds you in an embrace of unconditional love. There is not a single thing you desire to experience that is being seen or perceived from a Higher Mind as something you “shouldn’t” move toward. Do your desires change and evolve as you gain psychological, emotional, and spiritual maturity? Absolutely. But that has nothing to do with God or the Divine wanting something different for you. Do plans change as you learn and evolve through your life? Of course. Life is a non-linear unfolding where your own needs and wants, and the environments you exist within change over time. There is no contradiction in the ways you experience these changing internal and external landscapes. If your path changes, it isn’t because you were moving toward something you weren’t "supposed" to move toward. Paths change because of your own growth and readiness for that change, as well as because you have your existence in an ever-evolving external landscape. The Universe or the Divine works directly through your intentions to support the actualization of your full potential.

Every stage of psychological, emotional, and spiritual development comes with a set of needs you inherently want to fulfill. This is an inherent design in the development of conscious systems. You go through natural stages of learning and growth wherein your needs, wants, desires, and aspirations evolve. The progress through these developmental stages doesn't make what you wished, desired, and wanted in earlier stages any less valuable than what you wish, desire, and want now, and what you will wish, desire, and want later. There is nothing amiss in your dreams and desires at every stage of development you move through. Embrace and integrate a perspective that says that you are cosmically loved and supported at every stage of development, that there is an inherent appropriateness to what you wish to experience in your life. That whatever you dream and desire, the Universe or God is looking at you and through you with love at what you wish to cocreate and bring to life.

Integrate a mental model that unifies your plans with the Universe's plans. See it as a unified unfolding and keep that image or visual stable within yourself. Creating narratives that separate your unified nature with Universal Intelligence only ends up creating unnecessary internal conflict. If you have uncertainties about your path and plans, be open and willing to be guided by Universal Intelligence, and do so while letting go of any sense that you are separate or that your plans and dreams are somehow contradictory to the plans the Universe "has for you." Strive to create and integrate beliefs that keep you connected to Universal Intelligence while they keep you empowered in your ability to cocreate the life experiences you desire.


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