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Develop and Expand Your Abundance Mindset with the Vibrating Abundance Workbook

Create Wealth from the Inside

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Learn How to Achieve an Abundance Vibration

Manifesting abundance, attracting more wealth, money, and more opportunities into your experience begins with an expansion of your consciousness.


Vibrating Abundance: Creating Wealth from the Inside by Kidest OM is a workbook designed to help deliberate creators manifest wealth and prosperity by using the law of attraction and the principles of deliberate creation.


The workbook is divided into three sections to help readers (1) understand the principles of a consciousness-first model for abundance (2) engage in 40 days of daily exercises to manage thoughts and vibration, and (3) practice the types of thoughts and beliefs that help manifest wealth. 

The workbook includes over 100 positive abundance affirmations. 

Vibrating Abundance: Creating Wealth from the Inside by Kidest OM is designed to be a practical tool you can use to support your ability to manifest abundance by creating the vibrational and mindset shifts you need to create lasting change. 

Get your copy today and apply the law of attraction to your wealth manifestation goals.   

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Vibrating Abundance by Kidest OM

Get your copy today and learn how to create wealth from within. 

Available on Amazon

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