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Create Wealth from the Inside


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Vibrating Abundance: Creating Wealth from the Inside

Manifesting abundance, attracting more wealth, money, and more opportunities into your experience begins with an expansion of your consciousness.


All that you experience in and as your physical reality is a creation of your Consciousness. This workbook, available in both paperback and Kindle editions,  offers you an expanded thought-stream on abundance, prosperity, and wealth so that you can expand your ability to allow more into your world. You are offered a 40 day flow of individual thoughts and practices to take yourself through so that you can begin to create and materialize your abundance from the inside out.

Everything is energy, vibration, frequency. Everything is about the energies you have cultivated and activated in your reality-matrix. And so it is by a shift in consciousness, a vibrational shift, that you bring about any kind of lasting change. This book allows you to do just that from a place of tuning into and accessing your limitless power to be, give, do, and have whatever you desire to experience in this space-time platform.


Vibrating Abundance by Kidest OM

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Available on Amazon

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