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Vibrational Weight Release Workbook

Learn to shift your vibration to manifest weight loss.


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Vibrational Weight Release

Learn how you can manifest weight loss and release excess weight by engaging your consciousness. By updating or changing your beliefs, you can begin the process of manifesting the level of physical well-being you desire.  When you change your beliefs about your weight, you change your vibration about your weight. 

In this Vibrational Weight Release book, available in both Paperback and Kindle editions,  you will go through a set of paradigm-shifting insights and exercises that can assist you in building the body you want to experience from the inside out. You will be empowered to look at your entire physical system in a new way, so that you can make the vibrational shift necessary to bring about the outcomes you are looking for. Everything is energy. Everything is about frequency, energy, velocity, vibration. Your physical system is no exception.

Vibrational Weight Release rests on the premise that consciousness is primary. 

Each day you are provided with thoughts that allow you to look at your body from a new perspective. As you entertain these new ideas, which are energy vibrating at a specific frequency, and practice the exercises offered over the course of 40 days, you will set into motion the shift in consciousness necessary to make any lasting change in this physical experience.

You CAN change your body from the inside out. You CAN create the body of your dreams NOW.


Vibrational Weight Release

Get your copy today and learn how to change your vibration on your physical weight.

Available on Amazon

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