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You can manifest your dreams and intentions.
You can manifest new fulfilling experiences. 
You can learn to artfully co-create with Universal Intelligence to attract and live your b
est life. 

My books, courses, and resources teach you how

Find the Keys to Fulfilling Manifestation Journeys

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Kidest OM'S Manifestation Books and Courses Help You

Evolve Your Consciousness

Upgrade Your Beliefs and Mindset

Improve Your Life Experiences

Developing Your Manifestation Mindset with Valuable Manifestation Beliefs

One of the strengths of Kidest's teachings is the opportunities you get to examine your current beliefs and mindset closely. 

An important key to manifesting success is your manifestation mindset. By helping you explore your existing beliefs and offering you new ways to approach manifestation, Kidest’s teaching can help you experience new ways of manifesting success, health, wealth, fulfilling relationships, and more.  

The universe is wonderous. It helps for you to know that you are wonderous too. 

Get started on more enjoyable manifestation journeys by clicking the button on this page to explore Kidest's books and courses. 

Take Your Manifestation Skills and Consciousness Evolution to the Next Level with On-demand Video Training

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One of the first steps to evolving your consciousness and improving your cocreation results is to acquire new learning. Kidest OM's courses on consciousness evolution and manifestation feature:


  • Expert Guidance

  • Valuable Insights

  • On-demand video training you can complete at your own pace.

  • Lifetime access and more.


“Hands down the best course about manifesting that I have done."
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