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The Magic of A Daily Gratitude Practice

Gratitude isn't like magic. Gratitude is magic!

One of the most transformative practices you can take on in your goal of living a more fulfilled life is the daily practice of gratitude. It's an easy practice to incorporate into your day — just by taking five minutes to ask yourself questions, you can enrich your moments and, ultimately, your life.

The Energetic Physics of Gratitude

If someone were to tell you that there is an exact physics to gratitude, a motion through space and time, an energy and force that is generated within you that goes out into the world, would it make sense to you?

Gratitude is not just a practice of being more optimistic or upbeat in the world. There is an underlying mechanism to the practice, a psychological and energetic effect, that changes who you are in the world — not only psychologically and physiologically but primarily energetically.

Gratitude not only changes your neurology but the very current of sound you are in the universe — it changes your vibration, the energy you radiate from every molecule of your being. It's a powerful practice that can transform you and how you experience the world.

Gratitude is a practice to engage in daily and frequently. Dwelling in the energy of gratitude allows you to receive more of all you are grateful for. Fixating your focus for periods of time on thought-streams of gratitude allows you to shift into a state of energetic receptivity and expand your receptive channels in powerful ways. You are always expending and receiving life force, the creative energy of universes.

Gratitude reflects the complete cycle of creative expression and manifestation. Where intention and desire are penetrative in nature, flowing forth from you like your out-breath, the practice of gratitude allows you to draw in the creative power of Universal Intelligence rapidly while radiating higher energies into your environment.

You energetically breathe in (receive) and breathe out (express) all at once through gratitude and appreciation of all that's already here and not yet here. All creativity and creative expressions have an ebb and flow, an in-breath and out-breath, receptivity and expression within them. And gratitude does both at the same time — the practice of gratitude is a gift to yourself as much as it is a gift to Universal Intelligence containing the power to give and receive all at the same time.

How to practice gratitude

To be grateful is to give attention to how you are already blessed, provided for, and nourished by the Universe. You are at all times focused in some way.

How much time during the day are you focused on how you are already blessed, supported, and provided for?

How much of your moments are spent in appreciation of life and living?

To practice gratitude, ask yourself simple questions each day that you can then answer in your gratitude journal:

What are you grateful for right now?

How blessed do you feel at this moment?

How are you showered with good things by the Universe?

What you are focused on moment after moment matters — what has your focus now is what materializes as your up-and-coming future moments. Your mind assumes the vibration of whatever you are focused on.

So, the more you dwell on your blessings and focus on all the things you are grateful for, the more you energetically harmonize with the abundance of the Universe. And why not fully open yourself to that?

Gratitude keeps you focused on how you are already supported, abundant, provided for, and nourished by Universal Intelligence. The practice of gratitude keeps you tuned into and in harmony with the abundant movement of all Life.

Abundance consciousness, wealth consciousness, and overall well-being reflect a grateful mindset. When you want to be aligned with the powerful creative forces of Universal Intelligence, taking up and committing to practice gratitude in your daily life is one of the most accessible paths to that alignment.

Gratitude keeps you connected, receptive, and in harmony with the blessings you already have and those that have yet to appear in your reality, so make it your dominant intention to ask yourself daily:

What am I grateful for?

How am I already blessed?

You'll lock yourself into the abundant flow of universal creative force from that internal engagement and openness.

If you want to practice gratitude specifically for manifestation, you can use my Law of Attraction Planner & Manifestation Journal. You can purchase this undated 52-week annual planner and journal on amazon.


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