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Manifestation Planner & Journal by Kidest OM

A guided 52-Week Planner & Journal to help you Manifest Your Intentions 

Manifestation Journal and Planner

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Notebook Details:

Paperback: 330 Pages   8.5"x11"

Hardcover: 329 Pages   8.25"x11"

Paperback:$19.99      Hardcover: $29.99

About the Manifestation Journal 

One of the keys to consistent positive manifestation results when using the law of attraction is creating the vibrational habits that help you stay aligned and in the receptive mode. Using my 10+ years of deliberate creation and manifesting coaching experience, I designed this 52-week manifestation planner and journal specifically to help you touch on the key common areas deliberate creators need to pay attention to, to stay clear, aligned, receptive, and consistent.

The tips for manifesting your dreams, intentions, and desires are many. Regardless of how many law of attraction books you've read, what helps you get consistently satisfying manifesting outcomes is how you put it all together in your daily life. What you put to practice is what gets you results. Using this manifestation journal on a weekly basis will help you put all that you know into practice each week. 

As you use this manifestation journal each week, you will measure your level of clarity, commitment, alignment, and follow-through. Tracking and measuring your weekly progress gives you an objective picture of how you’re moving through your unique manifestation journey in any one of your life areas. By giving yourself that objective picture of your journey toward your fulfillment, you can improve, evolve or fine-tune your deliberate creation and manifestation process.

This 52-week manifestation journal is specifically designed to help you take a close look at your manifestation habits. By assessing your level of clarity, commitment, alignment, and consistency and weekly checking in on where you are on the emotional guidance scale, you can create the shifts and adjustments in your vibration that are necessary to maintain your positive manifestation momentum. A weekly habit of self-reflection and self-assessment is a timely yet relaxed approach to managing your vibration. You can allow the ebb and flow of daily life to happen while staying on top of managing your vibration and level of alignment. 

What helps you achieve consistently satisfying results is your consciousness calibration (your vibration) and consistency. The manifestation strategies and techniques you use become effective when these two elements of harmonic or positive vibration and consistency are in place. Leverage the power of structured journaling and use this manifestation journal as your personal accountability companion. By giving yourself the time to self-reflect, measure, and adjust your mindset, habits, and overall vibration, you will find more consistent, satisfying results in your manifestation journey.  

Each journal comes with:

  • Prompts to help you set clear, coherent, and specific intentions.

  • Questions to help you perform a weekly self-assessment on your level of clarity, commitment, alignment, and follow-through.

  • 10 questions to help you self-reflect on and manage your intentions, vibration, and actions each week — with writing space for your answers.

  • Inspirational quotes

  • Additional note-taking space at the end of each week for anything else you want to make note of about your  manifestation journey that week

  • A list of harmonic positive emotions 


This annual law of attraction manifestation journal can be your success planner, your life planner, and your law of attraction workbook all in one.


For in-depth tips and guidance on how to manifest prosperity and wealth, weight loss, health, success, or have a deeper understanding of the overall manifestation journey and the process, explore each of my books and courses.


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Manifestation Planner & Journal by Kidest OM

Manifestation Journal and Planner

Available on Amazon

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Get your copy today and start maintaining your clarity, alignment, and consistency. 

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