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Manifesting Books to Help You Manifest Your Dream Life

Use these three manifesting books to learn and practice the science and art of co-creating with the Universe.

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Available in eBook,  Paperback,  and Hardcover

Three Manifesting Books to Help You Attract and Manifest the Things You Want

The power of reading to help you broaden your thinking is a given. Ideas can change your life. Learning something new can expand your world. The kinds of books that can change your life are the kinds of books that help you expand your consciousness.


The power of books to help you understand the life-transforming effect of your co-creative power and ability to manifest the things you want is something to leverage to improve, enhance, and empower your manifestation experiences.  


Kidest OM’s books and manifestation journal will help you do just that.

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Manifestation Books Based on Consciousness Expansion

Understanding your power to directly co-create with the intelligence of the Universe will change your life.


"Anything You Want" and "Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success and Fulfilment" are manifesting books that offer rich insights on the fundamentals of manifesting your desires, co-creation with the Universe, and your power to artfully allow great things to unfold in your life. 


They are consciousness books written to help you expand how you approach manifestation and co-creation.


Whether you want to manifest wealth, manifest success, manifest love, or anything else, in these two books, you'll learn how to regulate yourself energetically, psychologically, and emotionally to align with what you want. You'll learn the power of an expanded consciousness, positive beliefs, an optimistic mindset, and your identity in helping you to attract and manifest the things you want.

You'll learn this and so much more through thought-provoking questions, expansive insights, and practical exercises. 


The Role of Beliefs and Emotion in Manifesting What You Want


Kidest’s books will help you learn the power of positive emotion to help you manifest what you want. You’ll also learn the role of beliefs in the manifestation journey and find numerous examples of empowered beliefs about success and manifestation.


The many insights and approaches you explore in Kidest’s books will empower you on your manifestation adventures and provide you with guidance on what can help you receive the supportive guidance and nudges from Universal Intelligence.


Offering practical techniques and actionable strategies, Kidest OM's manifesting books will guide you into a deeper understanding of what beliefs, steps, practices and approaches will help you to live your cocreative power in action.

Expand Your Manifesting Mindset with these Three Manifesting Books from Kidest OM

Create the mindset shifts that raise your vibration and lead to improved manifestations.

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Available in eBook and Print

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Put Your Manifestation Knowledge to Practice with the Manifesting Journal

You can then put all of your law of attraction and manifestation knowledge to practice using Kidest's Manifestation Planner & Journal, specifically designed to support your ability to manage your vibration and manifest your desires. Writing out your intentions and journaling about your manifestation journey using the journal prompts provided in the manifestation planner can help you obtain clarity, a key component for forward progress and momentum.


A structured journaling habit can also help you track your progress as you stay inspired and focused toward your intended manifestation experience. You can use the weekly self-assessments and questions to self-reflect, practice gratitude and positive focus, and plan your next steps. You can also look back on your entries to get a tangible sense of your progress. The 52-week manifestation journal can both be your accountability companion and source of inspiration as you reflect on your commitment to yourself, your dreams, and your co-creative abilities. When you directly experience your innate abilities for co-creation, you can't help but fully realize the profound gifts the Universe endowed you with to manifest your best life. 

You have the abilities to attract your dreams and desires. You do!


You have innate gifts that allow you to manifest your intentions.  The loving intelligence of the Universe that created you made it that way.


Learning how to effectively use those innate abilities and gifts is the key to getting the results you desire.


The guidance you'll receive from these books will help light the way!

Get your copy of this manifesting books bundle today and learn the invaluable insights that will help you: 

  • Understand your innate co-creative powers.

  • Upgrade your manifestation mindset and release old self-limiting programs.

  • Expand your consciousness and raise your vibration for more effective co-creation with the Universe.

  • Move through the steps of setting intentions and manifesting your desires with more flow and alignment.

  • ​Become receptive to the nudges and guidance from Universal Intelligence. 

  • Ultimately make your dreams and intentions a living reality!

See why thousands of readers worldwide keep going back to read and re-read these timeless and powerful manifesting books from Kidest OM.  

Ready to unlock your co-creative potential and manifest the life of your dreams?


Get your copy of these three manifesting books on Amazon worldwide in Kindle, Paperback, or Hardcover or find "Anything You Want" and "Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success & Fulfilment" on eBook in Apple Books, Google Books, Kobo, Smashwords and more.

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Unlock Your Cocreative Potential with these Three Manifesting Books from Kidest OM

Learn the manifestation methods, concepts, and strategies that lead to fulfilling manifestation journey's and then put them right to practice.

3 BOOKS with Journal 500x397.png

Available in eBook and Print

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The first step to being good at something new is building your knowledge about that new something. Manifesting and manifestation are a way of engaging with yourself and the Universe that requires some skill building. It's a skill you can learn and improve over time. The more you deliberately create your experiences, the more confident you become in your ability to attract and co-creatively manifest the things you want.


To manifest what you want with precision (so that you are actually manifesting what you want), you have to learn how to be vibrationally aware, how to send out the kinds of energetic signals that lead to manifesting the things you want. Deliberate creation and the process of manifestation is as much a learning journey as any other. Self-awareness, self-regulation, energy or vibration management, forward manifestation momentum, knowing the feedback signals from the Universe, managing your co-creative relationship with others, and the rest all come from as you build your foundational knowledge about manifesting and co-creation. 

Anything You Want by Kidest OM — Build Your General Knowledge on Manifesting and Cocreation

In Anything You Want, you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the law of attraction and manifesting. In this book, you'll learn what beliefs help your ability to attract and manifest the things you want. You'll learn more about your co-creative power, the nature of consciousness and reality, the process of intention setting and what your attention has to do with how and what you manifest. You'll learn about the role of your nervous system in the manifestation journey.


Each of the 28 chapters in Anything You Want provide insights on key concepts on manifestation and deliberate creation. Have you ever thought about what your childhood has to do with your manifestation results or what role healthy boundaries play in your ability to generate and broadcast a clear vibrational signal? You'll find answers to these questions and more.

Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success & Fulfilment — Learn the Beliefs that can Help You Manifest Success in New and Profound Ways

In Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success & Fulfilment, you'll learn to explore and upgrade your existing success mindset. From examining your assumptions to how you believe success happens to understanding the nature of consciousness in manifesting success, you'll learn many expansive and insightful approaches to success that can help you shift and upgrade your existing beliefs about success. You'll find many expansive thought-provoking questions and insights that will help you shift how you approach success in all areas of your life. 

Get your copy today and make these powerful and transformational manifesting books your invaluable manifesting resources!

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