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4 Valuable Steps for Improving Your Abundance Mindset

In this blog post, you'll find four valuable steps to guide you on your path of improving your abundance mindset.

What is an abundance mindset?

Your abundance mindset is the belief system through which you experience the state of having plenty in different parts of your life. It’s a unique calibration of consciousness that you express in all areas of life.

All experiences of abundance start with your beliefs. Whether you want an abundance of energy, happy experiences, money and wealth, fulfilling relationships, or time, having an abundance of any or all of these experiences stems from your operating conscious and unconscious belief systems.

Ultimately, an abundance mindset is an embodied state of being. It’s a state of thinking, feeling, giving, doing, and having that you automatically express because you have an internalized system of thought, emotion, and behavior that you habitually run.

All of these habituated thoughts and feelings are also energy waveforms in your energy field. They are energy and information flow patterns that influence how you flow life force and metabolize universal life energy in your day-to-day experience.

Your mindset, energy field, and current calibration of consciousness are the backdrop to every thought you have, every emotion that feels natural to you to experience, and every behavior you express when it comes to abundance. It also informs what signals in the environment you notice and consciously acknowledge.

Your mindset informs your decision-making. It informs what you choose to move toward, what you expect to attract and receive in your life, how much you expect to receive in your life, what you choose to give and contribute, and how much you choose to give and contribute.

Your abundance mindset informs what you believe you can have and what you end up having in your life. It's one of the cognitive processes that's worth consciously developing and expanding so that you have the supporting skills of awareness, observation, and self-regulation that help you achieve or manifest the level of abundance you desire.

How can you improve your abundance mindset?

There are three key areas to examine to improve your abundance mindset. By looking at your current beliefs, emotions, and behaviors, you can discern how optimal your energy flow is for the type of abundance you want to experience in life.

As you become aware of, optimize, and fine-tune your habitual thoughts and emotions, you’ll start to change your energy. That change in energy, that change to your existing abundance mindset, translates into a change in the experiences of abundance you attract and receive in your life.

With some active self-awareness and self-regulation, you’ll be able to evaluate your current beliefs, update some of your existing beliefs, internalize new beliefs that reflect the quality of abundance you desire, and release old beliefs that no longer reflect what you want to experience.

When you do this, you energetically, psychologically, emotionally, and behaviorally emerge onto a new level of attracting, creating, receiving, and contributing abundance.

Step #1 — Evaluate and Update Your Abundance Beliefs

The first step to improving your abundance mindset so that you can experience more abundance in your life, is to explore what being abundant and having abundance means to you right now.

You can also start pursuing new learning in the area of the abundance you desire to experience. There is a wealth of valuable knowledge (books, courses, seminars, etc.) in the world from people who have achieved the abundance you desire. If you want an abundance of energy, you can explore books and courses that teach how to increase your physical energy. If you want an abundance of money or wealth, you can explore books about building wealth and financial intelligence.

Updating your beliefs will be about learning new ways to see and think about abundance.

To explore and evaluate your current beliefs, grab a pen and paper, and answer the following questions:

  • What does abundance mean to me?

  • What does having abundance look and feel like to me?

  • Do I recognize what my habitual thoughts, emotions, and behaviors reflect right now regarding the kind of abundance I want to experience?

  • Do I believe I can feel abundant before seeing the expressions of abundance?

  • Is it okay to feel abundant before I’ve manifested the thing that I feel reflects my abundant nature?

Abundance means different things to different people. For some people, it means increased financial wealth, owning multiple businesses, owning multiple homes, and having the financial success that enables them to have various experiences. For others, abundance means having more free time to spend with their loved ones or having the freedom to travel and live in different parts of the world.

Examine your current definition of what an abundance mindset is and what you want it to include. Write it out. Create as many "I believe abundance means" statements as you need to capture and articulate your existing ideas and thoughts about abundance. The more you know what your ideas of abundance are, the more you can attract what you specifically need to manifest or achieve that type of abundance.

Beliefs are one of the precursors to experience. From an exploration of where you are now in your belief system about what abundance means to you, what being abundant, feeling abundant, having abundance, giving abundantly means to you, you can start to refine or evolve your belief system to reflect what you consciously want to experience as abundance in your life.

The desire to increase, improve, or add to your level of abundance is natural. It's a part of growth to want to become more, express more, give more, have more, and do more. By uncovering your starting point, you can begin to chart a new experience and expression of abundance.

what is an abundance mindset

Step #2 — Inhabit the Emotions of an Abundance Mindset

The next step is to explore your habituated emotions around being abundant and having abundance and all that entails.

What are the emotions you routinely experience right now regarding how abundant you are, how abundant you perceive yourself, and how much more abundance you want to experience in your life?

When you look at the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, what kinds of emotions are you currently running?

This self-exploratory process lets you know what frequency spectrums you’re currently coloring your world with when it comes to this construct of abundance. Emotions are life force in motion. They are vibrational signals that communicate your beliefs and perceptions.

There are feelings of abundance you can tune into at any point in time.

The emotions of gratitude, feeling blessed, and feeling lucky can be evoked around where you are, who you are, and what you have. You can intentionally tap into and tune in to the feeling of having enough, the feeling of having more than enough, the feeling of being always able to have enough. You can evoke and extend that emotion of satisfaction as much as you want in your life experience through affirmations and a daily gratitude practice.

You are in charge of your emotions. You’re in charge of the level of ease and enjoyment you feel about where you are right now and where you want to end up. You can feel abundant in this moment and attract even more abundance in your experience. Emotion regulation is a valuable tool for manifesting your intentions and achieving your goals.

Step #3 — Visualize Your Abundant Future

It’s a valuable practice to visualize what it feels like to have the experience and expressions of abundance in your life that you desire. Picture yourself having that expression and experience of abundance. See yourself embodying your new or improved abundance mindset.

Visualize yourself thinking, feeling, speaking, and expressing with your new or improved abundance mindset. Imagine seeing yourself experiencing abundance each day in the coming week and months. Immerse and surround yourself with the perceptions of a new level of abundant flow.

Visualization can help you begin to expand from the familiarity of your current experiences. It can help you open up to entertaining and exploring the possibility of new opportunities and manifestations. It can help you start to shift out of your current flow of experiences and open up to receive the new flow of experiences that your new abundance mindset will bring into your life.

To some degree, the mindset that you have now about abundance is going to become your old mindset. Visualization can help you start to evolve toward that new experience of abundance and abundant flow. The process of envisioning a new future experience and doing the work of moving toward it can help you update your current beliefs and replace them with new ones that support your ability to create, attract, and manifest the new level of abundance you desire.

That means you’re going to leave the old narrative behind, the stories you've had up to now about abundance can become old stories you no longer tell. It means you’ll evolve from some of the beliefs you currently have around abundance. The practice of visualizing, imagining, seeing yourself in the new experience, and having that psychological and emotional experience of the new can help you to begin to see from a new level of mind and, in doing so, let go of the old level of mind that you were co-creating your current experiences from.

Step #4 — Evaluate and Update Your Behaviors

The next step is to start choosing the behaviors that reflect having the level of abundance you now want. Think about what you would start doing each day if you already had the level of abundance you now desire. Those “I would do this if I had more…” thoughts are thoughts you can start expressing and acting on.

When you get your patterns of thinking and habitual emotions in order and create the internal shifts to have the type of thinking and emoting that reflect the abundance you’re focusing on, your behaviors will follow suit. You’ll feel aligned in taking new types of action that you might not have thought about or felt comfortable taking in the past.

Behaviors are driven by your undercurrent of habitual thoughts and feelings. You do the things that feel good to you to do from your current level of mind. When you shift your habit of thought and feeling, when you shift your level of mind, you change the types of behaviors that feel good to you to do. You are drawn to, inspired toward, and attracted to behaviors that reflect the new calibration of the abundance mindset you’ve internalized.

That said, when it comes to having an abundance mindset relating to financial wealth and financial well-being, a helpful step is to study and act on wealth-building behaviors. Financial intelligence, financial acumen, wealth management practices, knowing how to budget, being comfortable handling the flow of money in your life, being comfortable reviewing your monthly cash flow and making decisions toward wealth, and understanding how you can build financial wealth in our world are all valuable pieces of knowledge for you to internalize.

Whether through long-term investments, an automated savings plan, real estate, or entrepreneurship, whatever the avenue of wealth building you’re drawn to, developing, expanding, and continuing to grow your wealth-building knowledge and habits in that area is essential.

Improve Your Abundance Mindset in Four Steps

To summarize, the four steps to improving your abundance mindset are as follows:

  • Explore your current beliefs and start to study new information about the area of abundance you desire to have

  • Start evoking emotions that reflect abundance

  • Visualize having your new abundant experience

  • Express the behaviors of your new level of mind

Kidest OM is a manifestation and consciousness evolution author and teacher with indispensable books and online courses designed to help you attract and manifest what you want. Her books include "Anything You Want" and "Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success & Fulfilment" which are available globally in eBook and print through online book retailers.

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