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The Emotional Guidance Scale — How to Use it for Manifestation

Manifesting your dreams, intentions, and desires is a process that involves managing, regulating, and refining your day-to-day emotions. When you manage your emotions, you manage your vibration. A harmonic coherent vibrational broadcast is what eventually amounts to successful and satisfying manifestations.

Over the years, different teachings have emerged to present a guide or scale of emotions for this process of managing, regulating, and refining your emotions. Learn more below on one of the emotional guidance scales you can use to feel better, expand your consciousness, and tune and tone your vibration to attract and manifest the things you want.

What is the Emotional Guidance Scale?

The emotional guidance scale or the emotional guidance system is a structured guide of positive and negative emotions used to measure your vibrational broadcast. There are a few versions of a scale or system of emotions developed by different teachers that can help you manage your vibration — the one we’ll look at in this post comes from “The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide” by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

On this scale, you’ll find joy spectrum emotions like appreciation, freedom, and love at the top of the scale and fear spectrum emotions at the bottom of the scale. If you do a quick search in your preferred search engine, you’ll find many beautifully designed representations of the emotional guidance scale from Abraham Hicks.

What reflects that you are in the energy of co-creative attraction are the “feel good” emotions. When you feel good, you are in a state of allowing. You are aligned and receptive to the nudges from the Universe and your Inner Being. Why do positive emotions feel good? They reflect the free and optimal flow of life force or source energy in your body and energy field. The optimal flow of life energy in your being is what you want to experience — that’s what reflects expansion, empowerment, and all the good stuff in between. When you feel negative emotions, it’s an opportunity for you to self-regulate yourself back into that state of receptivity and allowing so you can receive the things you’ve asked for from the Universe.

The focus and effort for deliberate creators is to reside in those spectra of “feel good” emotions that reflect being in the receptive mode. With regular self-awareness and self-regulation, you can use the scale to guide yourself toward calibrating in the “feel good” emotion frequencies.

How do you move up the scale of emotions?

In four simple steps, you can use the emotional guidance scale to move up into the feel-good emotions. Regularly using this scale can help you develop better emotional awareness. Think of your emotional awareness as also being your vibrational awareness. “What am I vibing right now” and “what am I feeling right now” are questions that speak to the same energetic reality. The more you’re aware of what you’re feeling, the more you’re aware of what you’re vibrating. From knowing what you’re feeling, you can identify where you are on the scale and intentionally begin to move up to a better feeling place.

Moving up the scale will result from specific self-regulation or vibration-regulation actions that you take. From thinking better feeling thoughts, to doing a meditation, to telling new better-feeling stories, several different strategies can help you arrive at a more harmonic and coherent vibrational place.

Four Simple Steps to Help You Move Up the Emotional Guidance Scale

Moving Up the Emotional Guidance Scale in Four Steps
Moving Up the Emotional Guidance Scale in Four Steps

STEP 1: Identify what you’re currently feeling. You can use a tool like the feeling wheel to name the specific emotion. Naming the emotion is part of engaging your emotional awareness — sometimes, that’s all it takes to regulate your energy.

STEP 2: Look at the emotional guidance scale and see where you are vibrationally. The scale is a handy reference. When you place yourself on the scale, you give your mind and body a tangible starting point — your Point A.

STEP 3: Identify where you’d like to be on the emotional guidance scale. Where you’d like to be is entirely something you can choose based on what feels good to you. Reflect on what feels reachable. This becomes your Point B.

STEP 4: Start practicing better feeling thoughts and releasing resistance to start moving up the scale. You can use meditations, visualizations, journaling, releasing exercises, and healing practices to shift your vibration.

You can repeat these four steps as often as you need. Managing your vibration takes daily practice. By using the emotional guidance scale, you can both cultivate emotional awareness and habituate your ability to reside in the feel-good spectra of emotions.

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