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9 Examples of Magnetic Intention Statements

A magnetic intention statement in deliberate creation combines the thought or description of the outcome you want with positive emotion. When it comes to attracting and manifesting the things you want in life, both that description of the thing you want and the quality of felt emotion you attach to having it contribute to your vibrational broadcast.

how to set intentions for manifestation

What is an Intention Statement in deliberate creation?

Setting intentions is one of the first steps to attracting and manifesting the things you want. When you set an intention, you create a clear, emotionalized statement about the thing that you want to experience.

You can set intentions for a wide variety of outcomes. You can set daily intentions. You can set spiritual intentions. You can set intentions for wealth, success, health, love, and more.

Learning to set intentions is a skill you can build through practice and feedback. The more you practice setting intentions and evoking that positive emotion activation, the more you'll experience how effective your intention statements are in the manifestation process.

As a general guide, positive emotions like gratitude, love, joy, delight, happiness, and similar emotions are going to help you to create that coherent and orderly broadcast.

For more on the role of positive emotions, check out this post on the emotional guidance scale.

Why Positive Emotion is Important in Your Intention Statement for Manifestation

Thought and emotion reflect different dimensions of consciousness in motion. To be able to affect or influence your physical experiences, to effectively speak the cocreative language of the Unified Field (also called Universal Intelligence, the Field, the Universe, etc.), the broadcast you emit needs both the electrical component (thought) and the magnetic component (emotion) woven into your outgoing signal.

What is the cocreative language of Universal Intelligence? Vibration.

Plus, this combination of thought and emotion helps you to harmonize both the electromagnetic field of your upper energy centers with the electromagnetic field of your heart center. This harmonization of these two fields is what reflects a clear, coherent vibrational broadcast.

Manifestation and Energetic Coherence

A clear, coherent, vibrational broadcast is what makes for powerful intentions, the type of intentions that can direct the wave-function of your present and future experiences.

Energetic coherence is the basis of success in manifesting what you want, so when you start your manifestation journey with a harmonically resonant intention statement, you start with a very coherent, orderly, energetic tone.

That's what energetic coherence is: the creation of a vibration that is harmonic, orderly, and clear.

When I started working with intentions decades ago, the main direction I found was to use present-tense language. While that’s still very much a helpful direction, over the years, I’ve discovered other layers that help you craft a finely honed energetic signal at the onset of your manifestation journey.

Crafting your intention statement for maximum effect helps you connect to the energy of the probability or potential reality more easily while letting you create that consistent, coherent outgoing energetic signal. You're also engaging both your mind and body in the co-creative process when you create intention statements that contain both the mental content and the emotional tone.

❝Once you’re clear on what you want and have set that intention in a resonant and decisive way, you have created a psycho-energetic event. You have set into motion a new blueprint for yourself and personal world.❞ – Book Quote Anything You Want by Kidest OM

how to set an intention

How to Write an Intention Statement for Manifestation

To help you craft a coherent intention statement that includes both mental and emotional content, I’ve put together these nine intention examples for manifestation below:

EXAMPLE #1 - I'm delighted

"I’m delighted that I now have the level of concentration and focus that makes me effective at my work."

In this example, you'll notice the emotion of delight is linked with the outcome of better concentration. The intention statement is phrased in the present and has a level of specificity that translates into a clear coherent signal.

EXAMPLE #2 - I thoroughly Enjoy

"I thoroughly enjoy being able to contribute to the charities and services that are meaningful to me each and every year."

In this example, you'll see the emotion of enjoyment being linked with the outcome of contributing meaningfully to others. Whether your goal is an increase of financial abundance or expanding your level of generosity, focusing on the outcome from a place of positive emotion will help you start to generate that magnetic vibrational broadcast. You can get even more specific with an intention like this and include a percentage or dollar figure in what you want to contribute.

EXAMPLE #3 — I feel such appreciation

"I feel such appreciation that I’ve attracted fulfilling, healthy, and loving relationships into my life, and I’ve become a healthy, loving, and responsive partner."

Here the emotion of appreciation is linked with the outcome of having healthy relationships. A key addition in this one is who you have to become to be a match for those healthy relationships. Particularly in intentions relating to others, you want to capture both who you are in that healthy, fulfilling dynamic along with the types of healthy individuals you now attract into your life. You can also be specific about the type of loving relationship you want to attract into your experience.

EXAMPLE #4 — I feel so blessed

"I feel so blessed that I’m now driving my new car."


"I feel so blessed that I’m now living in my new home."

Here the emotion of feeling blessed is linked with the outcome or description of the new desired experience. There is room to be even more specific here if you have a particular type of vehicle that you want or the number of rooms in the new home etc.

EXAMPLE #5 — I am so happy and grateful

"I am so happy and grateful to be open to receiving success and abundance in my life in the form of..."

"I'm am so happy and grateful" is one of those positive emotional tones you can apply to just about any experience. When wanting to attract new levels of success into your experience, try being specific about in what form those growth and success experiences manifest for you. Specificity both helps you focus your attention and energy in a well-defined direction while communicating to Universal Intelligence what it is you want to attract and manifest.

EXAMPLE #6 — I'm so pleased

"I’m so pleased to complete the things I set out to complete each day."

When you want to express more commitment and follow-through, setting a specific emotionally activated intention can help you channel your attention and energy toward completing your tasks and projects. Intentions are a powerful resource for helping you not only attract what you want but also direct your focus and energy in a constructive and forward-moving way.

EXAMPLE #7 — I so love

"I love that I’ve mastered my ability to be grounded and present daily."

You can set specific intentions for new behaviors and energetic experiences you want to manifest. There are no limits to the topics you can create your intentions for.

EXAMPLE #8 — I am so inspired

"I’m so inspired by my body’s responsiveness to my intention to be more fit and toned. I love that I’m now a healthy [ ] lbs."

Using specific emotionalized intentions for weight loss can help you attract the information, tools, and resources you need to manifest your weight change.

EXAMPLE #9 — I feel confident and optimistic

"I feel confident and optimistic each day that I’m accomplishing my goal of spiritual growth."

Here is an example of a spiritual intention. Affirming that you feel confident and optimistic is a great way to create vibrational alignment during your manifestation journey. Confidence and optimism are both positive emotions that reflect your ability to both receive what you want to manifest and your ability to commit to the manifestation journey.

Want an intention-setting worksheet to practice setting your intentions for manifestation? Check out this post to download the worksheet.

Connect to Your Magnetic Intention Statement Daily

Practice creates alignment. Focus on your magnetic intention statement daily. This will help you fully align with what you want to bring into your life.

The more you attune to the emotionalized or magnetically activated intention statement, the more of a coherent energetic broadcast you create.

For more in-depth guidance and tips on setting intentions and the manifestation process, grab a copy of my book Anything You Want. In it, I provide detailed answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the law of attraction and deliberate creation, and outline how you can use the psychological power scale to measure your vibration and level of empowerment in every life area. Anything You Want is available worldwide at online book retailers.

About Kidest OM

Kidest OM is a manifestation author and teacher with indispensable books and online courses designed to help you expand your consciousness and live a more empowered life. Her books include "Anything You Want" and "Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success & Fulfilment," which are available globally in eBook, print, and audiobook on her website and online book retailers.


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