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A New Course on How to Access Your Connection to Your True Nature

A main point that I teach and emphasize in my work is that your True Nature is ever-present. Unshakeable. Unmovable. Transcendent. It is prior to and beyond the world of form. It is the source of your existence, power, vitality, vibrancy, and inner peace.

​One of the questions I've gotten asked frequently over the years is various forms of "how do I stay connected to this part of me even with…" How to access your connection to your True Nature and maintain that connection is indeed a point of recurring inquiry for most individuals on the journey of personal development and spiritual growth. I've been crafting a well-structured answer over the past five months. Taking the key practices which helped me connect to my core essence and establish a sustained sense of connection over the last 15+ years of spiritual practice, I've designed a course to teach you how to access and sustain this connection.

​In my new online ​course, How to Connect to Your True Nature, I detail these key practices so that you can create and maintain a connection to your center regardless of what's going on in your personal or professional life, and in the larger global landscape. My course details five main areas needed to establish and sustain a connection to your essential nature: • Having the Psychological Foundations necessary to access and recognize your True Nature • The power and benefits of a dedicated meditation practice • How Yoga Mudra's can help…and which one's to use specifically • The practice of Self-Inquiry • Why healing work is important I can't emphasize enough the power and resourcefulness you access from being centered and based in the source within. The benefits of connecting and staying connected to the source within yourself are innumerable, rippling out to touch every facet of your embodied existence. So, if you've been asking yourself the question of how to connect to the source within yourself, then this course is for you. ​Stay tuned right here for more details on the course, where you can find it, and when it will be available for enrollment.


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