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How Increasing Your Trust in the Universe Helps with Manifestation

Increasing your trust in the Universe helps you move your consciousness into a more positive vibrational frequency. Positive energy and your power of attraction, are directly linked. Your ability to attract and manifest what you want in life is related to your vibration — the balance of thoughts and emotions you automatically have active in yourself.

The more positive your energy, the more harmonic and coherent your ongoing vibrational broadcast — and this positive, harmonic, and coherent energy is key for attracting and manifesting what you want.

Where the Energy of Trust Calibrates

Trust is a central state of being that calibrates in the life-affirming and life-rich frequency spectrums of consciousness. It combines positive beliefs and emotions to allow you to reside in a state of consciousness that is at ease and accepting of the thing you trust. The energy of trust is a highly ordered and harmonic waveform. It promotes receptivity on several levels.

When you experience the energy of trust, when you evoke it in yourself, or it arises within you, your inclination is to move toward and be open to the thing you’re trusting. You move into states of acceptance, cooperation, and collaboration more easily when coming from the energy of trust. The energy of trust is the foundation of experiences like inner peace, love, and empowerment. To experience these states regularly, a foundation of inner trust has to be established.

Core beliefs that reflect trusting the Universe

Your beliefs about the Universe and the cosmos inform how secure you feel about how your life unfolds. Trusting the future, trusting the Universe, trusting the processes of life, and trusting that things can work out are all patterns of thinking and emoting that come from your beliefs.

To experience consistent manifestation results and trust the manifestation process, you have to have a certain level of trust in the universe active in your consciousness and energy field. Regardless of your level of trust in the universe, you can continually expand, improve, or refine it. All internalized beliefs are always available for updates and upgrades.

The starting point of your emotional response to the cosmos, to the Universe, and your experiences within it are your own beliefs. Beliefs help you filter what patterns of energy and information flow you are receptive to and what you ignore or dismiss. Beliefs also help you to recurrently evoke and experience specific frequencies of emotions within yourself. You notice what you notice in life because of your current conscious and non-conscious belief systems. Beliefs inform the choices and decisions you make and the actions you take in your life.

One of the core broadcasts of Universal Intelligence is unconditional love. The Universe, this expanse of a living intelligence, is life-affirming. Universal Intelligence promotes life, supports life, animates life, and has an inherent propensity to add to life. What allows you to increase your level of trust in the Universe are the beliefs you internalize about it.

Examine your beliefs about the universe. Check to see that you’ve internalized beliefs that say, “the Universe is good,” “the Universe is friendly,” or “the Universe loves me.” Internalizing positive beliefs about the Universe will help you approach your life experiences with a growth and optimistic mindset.

Here are a few of the core beliefs that reflect trust in the Universe. Check how it feels to you in your body when you focus on each of them:

The Universe is good.

The Universe is friendly.

The Universe loves me. There is a lot of love in the Universe for me.

The Universe supports my growth.

The Universe supports my fulfillment.

Universal Intelligence is unconditionally loving.

I am seen, heard, and responded to by the loving intelligence of the Universe each and every day.

Check to see that your current perspective of the Universe includes the following adjectives: creative, expansive, precise, orderly, generous, harmonious, loving, infinite intelligence, loving intelligence, unconditional love, and co-creative partner. Add to this list to continue to grow and expand your map of the Universe and Universal Intelligence so that the emotions you feel when you think about the Universe are in that trust spectrum of highly ordered, coherent energetic tones.

Tools that Help you to cultivate trust In The Universe

Part of increasing your level of trust in the Universe is learning to get still and tap into that feeling of trust. Connecting to your Inner Being or Higher Self and accessing your spiritual centers of perception is a great way to connect to the expansive goodness of Universal Consciousness.

Practices like meditation, mindful walks, affirmations, being out in nature, and a daily 3 to 5-minute gratitude practice help you orient your attention toward the higher vibrations always available in the world. From that access and stable connection, you’ll feel a welling of trust become a regular and stable part of your day-to-day experience.

To start with, practice the affirmation "I trust the Universe," repeating it for at least a few minutes. Allow yourself to feel trust and stay with that feeling as long as you can. Keep this practice up for a minimum of sixty to ninety days to start reshaping neural pathways in the brain. Practiced thoughts can become a part of your default thought process.

You can also use statements like "I trust life" or "I trust life's processes" or another variation of trust in a higher order being at work in your life. The more you allow yourself to energetically resonate with trusting the Universe or Universal Intelligence, the more you move into those states of inner peace, acceptance, and ease.

Kidest OM is a manifestation author and teacher with indispensable books and online courses designed to help you attract and manifest what you want. Her books include "Anything You Want" and "Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success & Fulfilment" which are available globally in eBook, print, and audiobook on her website and through online book retailers.


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