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Higher Consciousness — A Free Video Course

Imagine having the energy, intuitive awareness, and universal guidance you need to achieve your results and manifest your desires.

What would that be like?

The secret to a fulfilling life is an empowered consciousness, and that's one of the things you'll learn in the free video e-course designed to support your consciousness evolution journey.

One of the simplest means to understanding what having an empowered consciousness means is to go on a learning journey. This free video course on David Hawkins's scale of consciousness helps you learn each of the empowered levels of consciousness.

map of consciousness course

In this 10-part video e-course, Understanding the Levels of Consciousness, I (along with the help of an animated instructor) provide a detailed breakdown of the life-rich, magnetic, and empowered consciousness levels, including general information and new insights on how the map of consciousness can help you improve your life experiences and even your manifestation results.

What are the Empowered Levels of Consciousness in this Higher Consciousness Course

These levels are the ones that calibrate above 200 on David Hawkins's consciousness scale (the levels going from Courage to Enlightenment/Unity).

David Hawkin’s theoretical work provides comprehensive explorations of consciousness as consciousness evolves through different belief systems and worldviews.

In combination with my own insights, the overviews and explanations on each level that I’ve included in this course will help you develop a clear and detailed map of territories of consciousness that reflect empowerment and increasingly coherent bio-fields.

A stable calibration of above 200 in the scale of consciousness model indicates an energy field that is increasingly magnetic, empowered, and effective at cocreative manifestations, and there are key values, beliefs, and behaviors that help you emerge and stabilize onto these more expanded levels.

levels of consciousness course

Deliberate Creation and empowerment go hand in hand. The more expanded your level of consciousness, the more skilled you are in regulating and flowing your life-force toward the manifestation of your desires. Whether you want spiritual growth, personal growth, or more success in your life, coming from an empowered consciousness is key.

What that can look like is what you’ll begin to learn in this course.

What's in the Higher Consciousness e-Course

In this free video e-course, you will learn to:

  • Develop a clear and detailed map of consciousness "levels" that reflect empowerment and increasingly coherent bio-fields.

  • Learn the spectrum of emotions and energy of each of the empowered levels of consciousness.

  • Understand what each empowered level of consciousness brings about on the consciousness evolution journey.

  • Understand the psychological, emotional, and behavioral patterns that help you calibrate to the level.

  • Understand the psychological, emotional, and behavioral patterns that help you transcend the level.

  • Learn the challenges related to each specific level.

Each video session provides you with the following on each of the empowered levels of consciousness:

  • An overview or description of that specific level — the life view, the energetic frequency (calibration), and the emotional state (I present this as a spectrum of emotions)

  • What psychological, emotional, and behavioral patterns emerge at the level

  • What psychological, emotional, and behavioral patterns are transcended at the level

  • How you can calibrate to that specific level

  • How you can transcend that specific level

  • Specific knowledge resources and practices you can take to calibrate to or transcend that level.

To learn more or preview the e-course, click here to go to enroll for free. This is a valuable course for anyone looking to expand and evolve their consciousness into more life-rich and empowered levels.

Why is thIS HIGHER Consciousness Course Free

As someone who is passionate about empowering human beings, I wanted to provide a basic resource that can help people reach new levels of confidence, self-efficacy, and empowerment, and I wanted to make that resource free so it can be accessible to anyone who is committed to self-evolution and growth.

The insights and skills you can develop from exploring empowered maps of consciousness evolution can provide invaluable support and help you develop the internal skills and resources you need to succeed and thrive in life.

Enroll in the course, learn at your own pace, and start developing the internal resources you need for overall well-being and manifestation success!

About Kidest OM

Kidest OM is a manifestation and consciousness expansion author and teacher with indispensable books and online courses designed to help you expand your consciousness and live a more empowered life. Her books include "Anything You Want" and "Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success & Fulfilment," which are available globally in eBook, print, and audiobook. Find them on her website and at online book retailers.


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