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Anything You Want Book by Kidest OM – Now Available in Hardcover

I'm so happy to announce that Anything You Want is now available for purchase in hardcover format on amazon worldwide.

I'm thrilled with the quality of this edition, it's perfect for gifting.

Anything You Want is my first book recommendation from my published books for deliberate creators. In it, I’ve provided in-depth answers to many frequently asked questions on co-creation and manifesting what you want.

Whether you’re a beginner at consciously manifesting what you want or a seasoned intentional artist, Anything You Want will help you develop, improve, or fine-tune your manifesting techniques and strategies.

Visit your amazon store for your region to purchase or gift a​ hardcover copy of the book.

To learn more about the contents of Anything You Want or download the book illustrations, go to the Anything You Want book page.


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