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Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations to Nurture Confidence, Self-Worth, and Personal Empowerment

What is the Solar Plexus Chakra?

The solar plexus chakra, also known as Manipura, is a vibrant energy center located just above the navel and below the rib cage in the front and at the middle of the back. The Sanskrit word translates to mean “lustrous gem,” pointing to the vibrancy of this radiant energy center.

The solar plexus chakra is associated with the fire element and holds the key to igniting your personal power, confidence, and purposefulness, to name just a few of the strengths that radiate from the third chakra.

Terms like self-discipline, self-definition, determination, self-efficacy, resolve, and commitment explain personality qualities that come from a healthy expression of the solar plexus chakra. It’s the energy center of personal agency that, as you mature, also becomes the energy center that supports a cooperative spirit.

In this post, you’ll learn the essence of the solar plexus chakra, its associations, healthy and balanced expressions, and which yoga poses and mudras can help you harmonize this center of fiery energy.

You’ll also find 50 positive solar plexus chakra affirmations to help you nurture healthy and balanced expressions of this third energy center.

Associations and Characteristics of the Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is the third of the seven main chakras in the subtle energy anatomy of the human body.

It governs personality qualities and traits like self-esteem, confidence, and sense of identity and is often portrayed as a radiant yellow wheel of energy.

The spinal nerve bundle branches associated with the solar plexus chakra include the abdomen, stomach, spleen, kidneys and adrenal glands (also associated with the sacral chakra in some descriptions), the small intestines, the liver and gallbladder, and the middle spine.

Physiologically, a healthy and balanced solar plexus chakra contributes to a healthy metabolism.

Healthy expressions of the solar plexus chakra

Healthy and Balanced Expressions of the Solar Plexus Chakra

A healthy and balanced solar plexus expresses a natural enthusiasm for life. Emotions like passion, eagerness, and excitement are expressions of an empowered, healthy solar plexus chakra.

Healthy Self-Confidence and Decisiveness

Healthy self-confidence means recognizing your worth and abilities on your own merit without comparing yourself to others. It involves a genuine belief in your demonstrated capabilities while remaining open to learning and growth. Balanced solar plexus energy allows you to stand tall in your capabilities and accomplishments. It can allow you to exude self-assurance and enable you to make decisions with clarity and conviction.

Strong Sense of Self-Worth and Value

A balanced solar plexus chakra nurtures a deep understanding of your inherent value. You accept you have inherent value simply because you exist. You acknowledge and embrace your uniqueness and contributions and will usually have developed a sense of self-respect that isn't easily shaken by external opinions or circumstances.

Assertive and Respectful Communication

Effective communication that stems from a healthy and balanced solar plexus chakra involves expressing your thoughts and needs clearly and confidently while also respecting the perspectives of others. You can speak and stand up for yourself and others through means like non-violent communication skills.

Motivation and Goal Pursuit

Healthy solar plexus energy fuels your drive to pursue your dreams, intentions, and goals. It provides the motivation required to take action, to follow through, and to work to resolve challenges. Healthy solar plexus energy gives you a determination that doesn't waver, allowing you to persist in the achievement of your goals and intentions.

Inner Harmony and Emotional Stability

A balanced solar plexus chakra fosters emotional resilience and stability. Instead of being easily swayed by external circumstances, you can remain centered and composed, navigating life's challenges with a sense of calm and inner strength.

Courage to Embrace Change

Balanced solar plexus energy encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace change. You possess the courage to explore new horizons, take calculated risks, and adapt to evolving situations. A healthy and balanced solar plexus energy center essentially can allow you to embody a “can do” attitude.

Empowerment of Self and Others

When the solar plexus chakra is in balance, you empower yourself and have the energy to uplift those in your life. You recognize the power of encouragement and support, and are able to help foster an environment where other’s potential is also nurtured. A well-functioning solar plexus chakra supports empowering leadership qualities where you can be assertive and decisive while also considering others’ needs and input.

Humility and Authenticity

A healthy expression of the solar plexus chakra also manifests as humility. Being humble means you have developed a realistic and grounded view of yourself, without any over-attribution of your successes to only yourself. You know that you don’t make life happen all by yourself. You recognize that successes and achievements usually involve the efforts and creativity of others alongside your own, and you’re at ease in acknowledging and expressing your appreciation and respect for the effort and work of others.

Ability to ASK for What You need and RESPOND TO REQUESTS from Others

A balanced solar plexus chakra enables you to ask for what you need in relationathips and to respond to requests from others with grace and thoughtfullness. You've developed the skill to specifically ask for the things you need from those in your life. You make specific requests. You recognize that the wants and needs of those in your life are important and valid.

Openness to New Experiences

With a balanced solar plexus chakra, you can approach new experiences and challenges with enthusiasm. You're open to learning and evolving, and you're willing to explore uncharted territories with a positive outlook.

Healthy Relationship Boundaries

A healthy, balanced solar plexus chakra contributes to your ability to form and maintain healthy relationship boundaries. Along with the first and second chakras, the solar plexus chakra can help you assert yourself, express your needs appropriately while respecting the boundaries others have set for themselves.

Yoga Poses to Balance the Fire Element

There are many yoga poses that can help you balance the solar plexus chakra. Any yoga pose that relates to the fire element can support the healthy and balanced expression of the third energy center. The following three poses can be used in a solar plexus chakra-focused practice.

If you’re new to yoga, consider practicing these postures under the guidance of a certified yoga instructor who can ensure safe alignment and recommend modified poses to support your level of experience.

Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II): This standing yoga pose can help activate the core and cultivate inner strength while opening the chest and heart. It promotes a sense of courage and determination.

Boat Pose (Navasana): Boat pose engages the abdominal muscles, boosting digestion and metabolism. It also enhances willpower and strengthens the core.

Camel Pose (Ustrasana): By opening the front of the body, Camel Pose fosters confidence and helps to release any unexpressed or unprocessed emotions, promoting a balanced solar plexus chakra.

Yoga Mudras to Balance the Fire Element

There are many different mudras that can help you balance the fire element. Try practicing the following three. You can practice each of these mudras while sitting in a comfortable position, relaxing your shoulders and lengthening your spine. You can hold each mudra for five to fifteen minutes and release the gesture after taking a few deep breaths.

Vajra Mudra: Vajra Mudra is thought to cultivate passion, clarity, and personal empowerment. To practice this mudra, touch the index finger and thumb on each hand and bring the middle fingers together while softening the other fingers. Bring the diamond shape to rest at your solar plexus.

Gupta Mudra: To practice this mudra, interlace the fingers loosely inward, crossing the right thumb over the left thumb. Gupta Mudra is thought to optimize digestion and help cultivate determination and commitment to release self-limiting beliefs.

Surya Mudra: Representing the sun's energy, Surya Mudra is believed to stimulate the body's metabolism and enhance enthusiasm, aligning with the attributes of the solar plexus chakra. To practice Surya Mudra, bend the ring finger of each hand. Bring the thumbs and cover the nail of the ring finger. Extend the remaining fingers and hold the mudra.

If you’re new to mudra practice, consult additional material for more background information and guidance.

50 Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

Practicing affirmations for a consistent period of sixty to ninety days can promote the internalization of more empowered beliefs about yourself, your effectiveness, and your ability to form healthy relationships. Try using the following solar plexus chakra affirmations consistently to develop a healthy, empowered outlook about yourself and others.

  1. My Solar Plexus Chakra is balanced, and I have all the yellow frequencies I need.

  2. I am connected to who I am in the universe.

  3. I fit as perfectly as every blade of grass.

  4. I love who I am in the universe. I belong here.

  5. I am connected to my own uniqueness in the universe and my greater purpose.

  6. I intend to keep my body healthy.

  7. I exert consistent effort to succeed in all my endeavors.

  8. I creatively accomplish my goals.

  9. I am filled with warmth and light.

  10. I express gratitude for the good fortune in my life.

  11. I honor the power within me.

  12. I have an innate right to take action, to act, completely free from inhibition.

  13. My inner power inspires, strengthens, and empowers me without diminishing others.

  14. I recognize my individuality and uniqueness.

  15. I recognize the individuality and uniqueness of others.

  16. I exercise my power to choose.

  17. I am aware of and in touch with my strengths, I know the things I excel at.

  18. I feel empowered to move forward and explore new experiences.

  19. I have the willingness to expand out of the known and familiar and move toward new experiences.

  20. I have enjoyment and enthusiasm about life.

  21. My sense of personal power gives me confidence that I can make things viable for myself.

  22. My energy field is strong, I manage challenges and find solutions.

  23. I have the energy and intention to empower my loved ones.

  24. I can recognize and acknowledge the strengths my loved ones carry.

  25. I take responsibility for my actions.

  26. I take appropriate responsibility and power for my life.

  27. I have the energy to support myself and my loved ones.

  28. I define myself, I dare to be unique.

  29. I have a healthy sense of self that stays intact and maintains consistency in the face of challenges.

  30. I form and maintain healthy relationship boundaries.

  31. I can let others take the lead in confidence when that’s what a situation calls for. I am humble.

  32. I assert myself appropriately. I speak up for myself when and where I need to.

  33. I recognize mistakes as only opportunities to learn and grow.

  34. I see constructive feedback as supporting my ability to grow and evolve.

  35. My sense of self is defined by the tangible presence within me.

  36. I am effective in the things I set out to accomplish.

  37. I embrace my ability to regulate my instincts.

  38. I have the energy I need to initiate behavior that will create the situations I want.

  39. I dare to take strategic risks, to question, and to be true to myself.

  40. I recognize that having power and feeling empowered is healthy.

  41. I see power as the ability to cocreate my own destiny.

  42. Using my energy to move forward is a natural outgrowth of thriving.

  43. I have strong access to themes of being strong, being effective, and being enough.

  44. I express confidence and enthusiasm for life.

  45. I do the activities that leave me feeling energized.

  46. I can meet challenges and resolve them successfully.

  47. I am willing to take planned risks and venture into the unknown.

  48. I have a proactive and causative approach to life, one that is confident, warm, responsible, and persevering.

  49. I have great vitality and a playful ability to laugh at myself.

  50. I choose empowering thoughts about myself each day.

Empowerment is one of the cornerstones of being able to achieve the things you want in life. From healthy relationships to a fulfilling career, bringing your deepest dreams and desires to life requires the healthy engagement of your third energy center.

Kidest OM is a manifestation and consciousness expansion author and teacher with indispensable books and online courses designed to help you attract and manifest what you want. Her books include "Anything You Want" and "Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success & Fulfilment" which are available globally in eBook and print through online book retailers.


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