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How Self-regulation Directly Supports the Manifestation of Your Desires

Part of what helps you to manifest what you want and be an effective deliberate creator is daily self-regulation. Daily self-regulation of your thoughts and emotions is the daily management of your vibration. When you manage and direct your thoughts and emotions, you manage and direct your vibration.

Exercising what I call cognitive self-control every day ensures that you are directing your mind and mental focus, your thought activity and attention. Energy flows to where your attention goes. When you're intentional about how your mental energy is utilized in your daily experience, you add more harmonic coherence to your dreams and intentions. The more you have cognitive self-control, the more mindful awareness you bring into your moments. That mindful awareness indicates more consciousness being accessed in your here and now.

Most meditators quickly begin to understand what the unregulated mind can produce. When checked and regulated, the mind is an effective focuser of coherent attention and intention — the very forms of consciousness that help to bring about the desired manifestation.

Notice the types of thoughts you have going on right now.

Do they affirm your capacity, value, worth, and magnificence?

Are they affirming positive possibilities?

Are you expecting flow, support, and things to work out for you?

If you are experiencing these points of awareness, celebrate the level of cognitive self-control and vibration management you’re expressing. If you're not, this is your signal to begin to regulate your mental energy so that you can align with the flow of fulfilling manifestations in your experience. Meditative practices, journaling, and mindfulness can increase your ability to self-regulate your thoughts and emotions.

You can change the tone and magnetism of your bio-field by directing your mind toward thoughts of possibility and allowing the positive emotions that shift evokes to become embodied states.

You can change the tones you’re generating and broadcasting right here and now. The only place you can redirect your mind, attention, and focus is in this moment right and here now. You can shift the current of your thinking right here and now with some deliberate focus and attention.

A 3-minute gratitude practice will get you there.

There is no other place or time to do it.

Never delay using your power to regulate yourself toward the states of being that support your health, well-being, and fulfillment.


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