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How to Raise Your Energetic Vibration and Frequency for Good

Your energetic vibration and frequency, the tunes and tones of sound and light that you continually emit, are your point of cocreative attraction, your point of attraction and influence in deliberate creation.

Your energetic vibration and frequency is one that you can raise for good by following a key set of practices.

raise your energetic vibration and frequency

What creates amazing results in the process of manifesting your dreams and intentions is a coherent vibrational broadcast. This coherent broadcast results from a well-managed and maintained biofield (bio-electromagnetic energy system).

A well-managed and maintained biofield emits harmonic tunes and tones of sound and light. To get to that point of emitting a consistent harmonic broadcast, you have to raise and manage your energetic vibration and frequency.

Raising your energetic vibration and frequency results from expanding your consciousness into more empowered levels and creating energy flow habits that reflect an optimal circulation and distribution of life-force energy throughout your body and biofield.

Expanding Your Consciousness to Raise Your Energetic Vibration

Expanding your consciousness is a process of upgrading your worldview and belief systems, and adapting and internalizing habits of thought, emotion, and behavior that allow you to have that optimal circulation of life-force throughout your body and energy field.

The ideas you internalize, and the beliefs you integrate, are all patterns of energy and information that calibrate at specific frequencies. Internalizing ideas and beliefs that resonate harmonically (are based in positive energy) creates a shift and expansion in your consciousness.

Creating such an expansion of consciousness permanently moves you into a new, more harmonic vibration. The more expanded your consciousness is, the more positive or "high" your vibration.

Creating Habits of Harmonic Energy Flow to Support a High Vibration

There are a few different approaches to raising your energetic vibration and frequency and creating a habit of harmonic energy flow.

The first approach is regularly using several quick and easy practices like gratitude and loving-kindness meditations to create momentary shifts and adjustments in your energetic output.

Consistent practices of short durations (e.g., a 3 to 5-minute gratitude practice at the end of each day) that allow you to feel positive emotions have a cumulative effect over time. They feel good in the moment, and they also help you cultivate the habit of allowing that healthy optimal flow and circulation of life-force in your body and biofield.

These practices both help you raise your vibration and help you keep a positive vibration in your daily life. When done consistently over a longer period of time, these practices can help you create more permanent shifts toward a positive vibration.

The second approach to raising your energetic vibration and frequency for good is to strategically engage with healing practices and create permanent shifts in the way you flow and metabolize life-force (prana, chi, qi, vital energy, etc.) through your body, meridians, and energy centers.

You can do this by creating and following through on a healing plan that addresses the harmonization needs of each of your energy centers.

the chakra's when you have a positive vibration

The Harmonic Expression of the Seven Chakras When You Have a Positive Vibration

Here’s a general summary of the harmonic expression of each energy center when you have a high or positive vibration:

Harmonic Expression of The Root Chakra — Feeling grounded, feeling trusting of life and the Universe, making a strong impression in the physical world (having embodied presence), having healthy and appropriate boundaries, experiencing ease and comfort in your physical body, feeling safe and secure, feeling stable.

Harmonic Expression of The Sacral Chakra — Healthy emotional awareness, taking pleasure and savoring the good in your life, taking pleasure in your physicality, nurturing yourself and others, being flexible and responsive to change, having a healthy sexual identity, having healthy and appropriate boundaries.

Harmonic Expression of The Solar Plexus Chakra — Having a sense of efficacy in your life, having a warm personality, having loving regard for your physical body, feeling your belongingness in the Universe as an individual, feeling accountable for your experiences, taking responsibility for yourself and others, not taking yourself too seriously, having a healthy balance of empowerment and humility, being able to be spontaneous and playful, and having a sense of humor.

Harmonic Expression of The Heart Chakra — Feeling compassion for yourself and others, expanding your circle of love and compassion beyond your immediate family and friends, seeing the whole person (both their strengths and undeveloped aspects), having healthy empathy for others, receiving support from others, having and maintain healthy relationship bonds, giving and contributing to the well-being of others.

Harmonic Expression of The Throat Chakra — Communicating and expressing your ideas clearly, expecting fulfilling and nourishing experiences, receiving fulfilling and nourishing experiences, having a healthy professional identity, and being satisfied with and enjoying your career and profession.

Harmonic Expression of The Brow Chakra — Accessing and listening to intuitive guidance, being imaginative, having a good memory, being able to recall your dreams, thinking symbolically, visualizing mental concepts, following through on your creative ideas, having accurate perceptions of yourself and others.

Harmonic Expression of The Crown Chakra — Feeling your spiritual connection, being able to question and keep an open mind, having wisdom and a broader perspective of life and the Universe, being able to perceive and internalize or reject information with discernment, thoughtfulness, being able to entertain complex and diverse ideas, being able to self-reflect.

Use these Two Approaches and Raise Your Vibration and Frequency for Good

Several effective energy healing approaches can help you resolve imbalances of all kinds and bring much more order and coherence to the functioning of each of your energy centers. Sound healing, light healing, intention healing, meditation, chakra healing, emotional freedom technique (EFT), and traditional psychotherapy are just a few of the available resources you can incorporate into a healing plan.

By creating and following through on a healing plan that works for you, and by regularly making use of quick and easy practices like a daily 3 to 5-minute gratitude practice at the end of each day, or a loving-kindness meditation you do each week, you can create that shift in how you flow life-force throughout your body and biofield.

Through effort and follow-through, you can raise your vibration and frequency for good!

About Kidest OM

Kidest OM is a manifestation author and teacher with indispensable books and online courses designed to help you expand your consciousness and live a more empowered life. Her books include "Anything You Want" and "Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success & Fulfilment," which are available globally in eBook, print, and audiobook on her website and online book retailers.

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