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What's Your Belief System on Healing and Your Power to Self-Heal?

One of the first steps to being receptive to healing, is examining your belief system. Your belief system informs what you allow and dis-allow into your experience. To start with, examine your answer to the following questions:

  1. Do you believe that you are self-healing on all levels?​

  2. Do you believe that you live in a self-healing Universe?

​A self-healing Universe is one that goes into instant self-repair when there is even a slight dissonance within it. In a self-healing Universe wholeness and the movement toward restoring wholeness is a primary impulse. ​

You, and all life on the planet, are the creative expression of this self-healing Universe. Meaning, one of your innate and primary impulses is to move toward restoring wholeness when that wholeness is disturbed. Now, the unique ability for human beings to form belief systems that can allow or disallow the natural flow of our energetic encoding means, we have to have beliefs that allow for healing on all levels to occur. Healing on all levels means, not only healing on the physical level, but on the psychological and emotional level as well. One of the first checkpoints in allowing healing on all levels to be a natural occurrence in your life, is integrating the belief that you are a self-healing organism living in a self-healing Universe.

Check how that statement calibrates for you, how it feels to you: I am a self-healing organism living in a self-healing Universe. I am able to heal on all levels.

The physical body's ability to heal and your responses to a physical injury are usually in line with this belief. The body naturally moves into self-healing when there is injury or a common illness, and if you get physically hurt most people will take action to reduce the pain and support the body's healing processes.

How do belief systems come into play as supportive or as deterrents to this ability, when it comes to psychological or emotional injuries? When you already have an integrated belief that healing is natural, you will subconsciously move to heal when you experience psychological or emotional upsets or injuries. Healthy self-soothing, connecting yourself to therapeutic resources, and the like become immediate responses to help yourself get back to internal well-being. If you don't have a belief in self-healing at these levels however, the conditioned responses become withdrawal, avoidance, suppression, and unhealthy adaptations.

Healing on all levels is a natural occurrence in the Universe. Growth and healing go hand-in-hand. Evolution and healing go together. Nature, life heals itself as it grows, evolves, and transforms. Healing is a built-in "function" in how life grows, develops, and evolves.

Recognize that under the right conditions healing mentally, healing emotionally, and healing relationally are and can be occurrences that take place the moment there is injury. When you allow healing occurrences to be a natural expectation in your belief system, you restore your innate and primary impulse to move toward healing whenever there is psychological or emotional injury.

When the belief that healing is natural is an active filter in your mindset, you’ll move toward healing and repair when you experience injury, instead of going into withdrawal and avoidance. Withdrawal and avoidance keep the wound intact in your psyche and energy field.

Condition yourself to move toward healing so you can continue to flow forward into your growth and evolution.

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