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A Beginner’s Guide to Energy Healing — What Energy Healing Is and How It Can Help Enhance Your Life

Your nervous system and energy field are the vibrational instruments that your consciousness uses to create and experience embodied life. Through the regular and strategic use of energy healing, you can bring more order and coherence into your bio-electromagnetic energy field which enables you to flow your life force toward creating a fully fulfilling life. The harmonic shift to your energy field that energy healing brings comes with a long list of benefits to enhance your psychological, emotional, and physical life.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing, also called Energy Medicine, Biofield Therapy, Subtle Energy Medicine, or Integrative Medicine includes different approaches that restore psychological, emotional, and physical balance to the human body and energy field. Through the direct input of coherent light or sound waves generated by an effective healer and healing tool, energy healing goes right to the root of imbalances and restores bio-energetic harmony allowing your life force to flow optimally. Life force is the animating and nourishing principle of all life. It provides life energy, vitality, to all levels of your embodied existence. What creates a fully fulfilling life is the healthy and optimal flow of this vital power through your body and energy field.

When you use energy healing, you essentially tune and tone your physiology and energy body, the bio-electromagnetic energy system that encompasses your physical body, back into harmonic balance. Energy healing is one of the most effective tools available for restoring the healthy and optimal flow of life force in your whole bio-energetic system so it’s a tool worth making use of regularly for promoting and maintaining that optimal flow.

Some of the leading energy healing approaches fall into the categories of light healing, sound healing, intention healing, and hands-on healing. The two I make the most use of in my own life are sound healing with non-weighted and weighted tuning forks and intention healing.

Through energy healing, you can:
  • Restore the healthy function of each of your energy centers (chakras)

  • Expand your consciousness

  • Promote physical healing

  • Improve your psychological well-being

  • Resolve the effects of past trauma

  • Experience positive epigenetic changes (e.g., improved mitochondrial function)

  • Release and resolve trapped or unprocessed emotions restoring the healthy flow of your vital force (i.e., prana, qi, chi)

  • Bring your mental or psychic energy into balance

  • Enhance your mood

  • Increase your connection to the grounding frequencies of the Earth

  • Bring a deeply restorative feeling of relaxation throughout your body

There are many more resolutions I can list here but the general effect is that you permanently reduce or eliminate imbalances and bring more order and coherence into your bio-field. An orderly and coherent bio-field is the foundation for a healthy and fulfilling life experience.

How Can Energy Healing Help You Enhance Your Life?

Your body and energy field are self-healing systems of intelligence by design. When you engage in energy healing practices, you support and enhance the natural self-healing capacities of your whole system. You promote your body and energy field’s inherent ability to tune, tone, and restore balance and healthy optimal function everywhere. Because your physiology and energy field have a predisposition to move toward balance and harmony, when you provide harmonic inputs in the form of energy healing (highly ordered light and sound waveforms), the body and bio-field immediately respond and move toward more coherence.

The basis of a nourishing and fulfilling life is a healthy and optimal flow of life force, what some traditions call vital force, prana, chi or qi. When your life force is free to flow through your energy field and body, delivering nourishing life energy to all parts of your system, and you’re able to properly metabolize this energy, you have the energy you need to be well physically, mentally, and emotionally. Clear-mindedness, emotional balance, and having all the physical energy you need to function in your day-to-day life, are all just a few of the effects of a healthy optimal flow of life force.

How Often Can You Use Energy Healing in Your Life?

I recommend making energy healing a regular part of your health regimen. It’s an effective tool that can be used both as a preventative practice and a restorative practice. You can use it anytime you experience an imbalance and you can use it to maintain optimal flow by doing a monthly or quarterly “tune-up.”

In module 05 of my How to Connect to Your True Nature course I talk at length about consciousness and the energy field, and the important role healing work can play in helping you to expand your consciousness. If you enroll in my 5-week video training, you will learn more about the relationship between healing and consciousness expansion and so much more. Click here to learn more or enroll in my How to Connect to Your True Nature course.

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