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3 Steps to Developing an Empowering Growth Mindset

Mindset is the starting point of every experience you have. You make sense of your internal and external experiences through the lens of your current mindset.

Your mindset reflects your habituated patterns of thinking and feeling — it’s essentially an unconscious psychological lens formed from your internalized beliefs about yourself, others, and the world. All that you experience is filtered through this psychological lens.

The Benefits of an Empowering Growth Mindset

When you have an empowering growth mindset, you move through life, finding the energy and resources (internal and external) you need to achieve your goals and dreams.

An empowering growth mindset naturally equips you with patterns of thinking and feeling that are affirming, encouraging, flexible, and carry an overall theme of willingness. A willingness to learn, try, and grow all involve thinking and feeling habits that reflect openness, flexibility of mind, and curiosity.

If you want to experience growth, achieve success, or manifest specific types of fulfilling experiences, develop an empowering growth mindset. Establishing an empowering growth mindset in your psyche and nervous system will help you reach your dreams, goals, and desires.

How Your Nervous System Supports Your Ability to Develop a Growth Mindset

Changing, updating, deleting, or neutralizing limiting beliefs is a built-in ability of your nervous system. Neuroplasticity allows you to create and reinforce new thought pathways in the brain. That positive neurological change can, in turn, transform your emotions and behaviors.

Internalizing new beliefs about yourself, others, and the world is part of the work of developing or evolving your current mindset. You have all the internal mechanisms you need to evolve your mindset for the better. You have the power to upgrade your beliefs, update your psychological operating system, and begin to see through updated or new psychological lenses.

map of consciousness course

How do you upgrade your psychological operating system?

The first step to developing an empowering growth mindset

Knowing that you can. Start with the unequivocal knowledge that you can change your mindset toward more useful and resourceful states of thinking and perceiving. Beliefs are at the root of your choices, decisions, and automatic behaviors. Check how it feels to say, “I believe I can change or improve my mindset.” You want a starting point that affirms your capacity to evolve, improve, or transform your current mindset.

The second step to developing an empowering growth mindset

Becoming aware of what it is you want to change or update. Add the power of your self-awareness to identify what patterns of thinking and behaving you want to change. Make a note of them. Write them down.

When you start paying attention to what beliefs, patterns of thinking and feeling could be improved, you access the transformative power of awareness. Noticing what you want to change from the perspective that it is a pattern you want to change begins to create space between your consciousness and that learned or internalized pattern.

The third step to developing an empowering growth mindset

Take action toward your transformation. Use the power of goal-oriented neuroplasticity to change your mindset and neurology for the better. Use the power of contemplative practices, journaling, and affirmations to develop and integrate new, more empowering, and more resourceful thoughts and habits.

Willingness Level of Consciousness

If you’re working to develop and improve your mindset, a great resource is David Hawkins’s Map of Consciousness. I provide a detailed breakdown of the empowered levels of consciousness from David Hawkins’s Map of Consciousness in my free course “Understanding the Levels of Consciousness.” Pay particular attention to the Willingness level section as it contains content that can help you further define what a growth mindset entails psychologically, emotionally, and behaviorally.

Kidest OM is a manifestation author and teacher with indispensable books and online courses designed to help you attract and manifest what you want. Her books include "Anything You Want" and "Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success & Fulfilment" which are available globally in eBook, print, and audiobook on her website and through online book retailers.


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