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4 Steps to Feeling & Releasing Your Emotions

Building your emotional self-awareness is valuable for maintaining your energy flow and personal power. Emotions are a natural response to encountering the people and situations in your life. Daily giving yourself the space you need to process your inner life is a key skill for every Deliberate Creator to develop.

Step #1: Check-in

Check-in with yourself to see how you're feeling each day. Ask yourself questions like "how am I feeling right now" or "am I at ease and relaxed right now?"

Step #2: Identify

Identify the emotions that arose for you in the day. If needed, you can use a tool like the Feelings Wheel to pinpoint specific emotions. Naming the emotion gives you more mental space to choose what to do with it. In the case of negative emotion, naming the emotion helps diffuse the charge and reduce its intensity.

Step #3: Validate

Validate your experience. Self-validation can help you acknowledge and celebrate how great you're feeling while also soothing you out of any contraction. Giving yourself compassionate attention and understanding each day is an essential part of self-care.

Step #4: Release

Consciously release the emotion. For any negative emotions lasting for more than their natural pulsation cycle (~90 seconds), prompt yourself into releasing the emotion by asking, "can I let this feeling of [emotion name] go?" This conscious practice will help guide your nervous system back into relaxation.

​Deliberate Creation is in part about self-regulation. The choices you make around your emotional life enable you to maintain your forward-moving momentum and stay in the receptive mode.


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