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3 Approaches to Releasing Resistance

What holds an individual back from experiencing ease and flow in their deliberate creation effort is resistance.

Resistance is a function of negatively charged patterns of thinking and emoting.

​When you think thoughts and feel emotions that deny or contradict your wholeness and fulfilment, your energy field contracts. You move into resistance.

​There are three different ways you can release negatively charged patterns to restore your internal experience of harmony and flow.

#1 Decide to drop the negatively charged emotion, reaction, or interpretation. Decisions are potent catalyzers for internal change. Asking yourself questions like "can I let this negatively charged emotion go" repeatedly can help you drop the negatively charged pattern.

#2 Welcome and allow the negatively charged emotion, reaction, or interpretation. Without identifying with it or getting involved in it, you can create a spacious field of awareness around whatever arises within you. Emotions have a natural pulsation cycle; emotions arise and dissolve naturally. Creating that spacious, welcoming awareness allows negatively charged patterns to flow in their natural pulsation cycle.

#3 Dive into it. Unpack it. Explore the information the emotion is carrying with objectivity. Leaning into whatever is arising with objectivity and awareness dissipates the charged energy.


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