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How to Practice Releasing Resistance to Manifest Your Desires

Is there something in your life that you’ve been resisting?

Has there been something in your life where you experience contraction or contracted thinking?

Inner resistance manifests in different ways, from negative mental chatter to the tightening and tensing of various muscle groups. Resistance, a pattern of contracting your energy field, reflects noise in your energy body. "Noise" here means an out-of-tune tone. Ever have the pitch of your voice sound funny sometimes? When the hum of things that vibrate goes out of tune, you can usually tell. Inner resistance is like that. When the sounds you make inside yourself in the forms of thoughts and feelings are out of tune or are inharmonic or incoherent, that shows up as tightness and tensing in different parts of your energy field and body.

Any area of your life where you're carrying an emotional tone and mental narrative of “I can’t do this” or “it's not going to work" or "this is too difficult" is an area you can release on. Those sounds of "I can't" are out-of-tune or inharmonic sounds. Releasing on these kinds of tones and patterns moves you back into expansion, clarity, and coherence. When you are in your wholeness, in your empowered states of being, you feel clear and in flow. These qualities of expanded-ness, clarity, and coherence are key to effective deliberate creation.

You can create a practice of conscious releasing that you use regularly. A practice of conscious and deliberate releasing can become a daily or weekly part of your routine. Doing so is essential to keeping your forward-moving momentum as well as maintaining your overall sense of well-being. Wherever you’re experiencing contraction (that internal tightening or tensing), whether it’s a current experience or past experience, you can focus on that area of your life with the intention to release resistance and prompt your mind and body into the release through focused questions.

While focusing on the situation, ask yourself questions like:

"Do I acknowledge and recognize that this is resistance?"

"Can I let go of this internal resistance?"

“Can I ignite the recognition within myself that this is an emotional charge I can discharge from my energy field?”

"Can I let go of the interpretations or internal narratives I've been creating and holding onto on this subject?"

"Am I willing to let go of these dissonant vibrations? Am I willing to let go of the inharmonic emotions I've been generating?"

"Can I let go of these emotions for the next 60 seconds?"

"Can I allow myself to experience more ease in this area?"

"Can I let go even more now?"

You can cycle through the questions until you feel the release in mind and body. You can also make use of tools like sound healing or tapping on your meridians as you ask these questions.

A practice of conscious releasing goes a long way to free you from internal resistance. Releasing resistance naturally restores the flow of your cocreative power.


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