How to Manifest with Focused Energy

Manifesting what you want is all about how you are focusing your energy. Take a look at ​what’s got your focus right now. Check and see what's been preoccupying you, what patterns of thinking you've been running, and what stories you've been telling recently either silently or sharing with others.

What you focus on is what you flow energy toward. What you focus on is what you empower. What you focus on is what feedbacks into your activities and results. Your focus is creative. The power of your attention, the power of your focus, is a creative one. As a deliberate creator, you have to use your ability to deliberately direct your mind to your advantage. When you focus daily on what’s going well, what’s working out, how you’re already supported, you will find and keep your forward momentum. Practice that for a moment and see how it feels. Write out what’s been going well in the last two weeks. Write out what’s been working out. Write out the support you’ve received. Do the exercise and notice how that feels to you, to your mind, to your nervous system. There’s energy in focusing on what’s going well.

When you focus on what isn’t working so well or what isn’t working out yet, you’ll miss the signals towards your fulfillment. You'll deplete your creative flow and deflate your sense of empowerment. When you focus on what isn’t working, you contract. You tense up. You narrow your perception and move into conserving your energy.

Your focus determines how much energy you’re letting in, and how much energy you’re able to put out into the world, to put toward your visions and intentions.

Choose the points of focus that will keep you receptive to your growth and fulfilment, that will keep you energized, by focusing on what gives you flow and momentum. It is daily work, yet it is the kind of effort that brings exponential rewards both to your health and well-being and your results.

This doesn’t mean you ignore what isn’t working yet. Focusing on what's working isn't turning a blind eye to what isn't. It does mean you bring a forward-moving mindset, a mindset focused on solving and resolving challenges, a mindset of empowerment and expansiveness, to that aspect of your experience that needs a review, a reset, or that needs to be released. When you face whatever is in front of you with an empowered mindset, you can’t help but find the resources you need to solve and resolve the challenges that arise.

About the Author
Kidest OM is a personal development author and teacher with indispensable books and online courses designed to help you manifest your best self and life. Her areas of expertise include the primacy of consciousness, deliberate creation, and personal empowerment. Living in the Pacific Northwest and drawing from her experiences as a corporate executive, Kidest also applies her empowering understanding and insights to business and leadership contexts.