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How to Manifest the Things You Want

Manifestation Books to help you learn and practice the science and art of manifesting.

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How will Kidest OM's Books and Courses help you attract and manifest the things you want?

Kidest OM's manifestation books provide valuable insights and techniques to help you succeed on your manifestation journey. Often described as "life-changing," "inspiring", and "insightful," by readers, Kidest's unique knack for providing in-depth practical guidance can help you significantly expand your consciousness.

Some of Kidest's books have been on the market for over a decade and continue to reach new engaged readers worldwide! 


From Kidest's books, you can learn about the nature of intention, the nature of consciousness, your co-creative power, and other essential manifestation concepts that can help you become more effective at conscious creation and manifesting. That learning can help you live from a new level of mind about yourself, the Universe, and the manifestation process. 


Choose from eleven unique titles by clicking on the Learn More button to build and expand your manifestation knowledge, and then use tools like Kidest's Manifestation Journal & Planner to put your knowledge to practice. 


By learning and studying from Kidest OM’s books you can unlock your co-creative potential and begin to manifest and live your dream life. 

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What is manifestation and how does it work?

One of the first steps to manifesting your dreams, intentions, and desires effectively and consistently is to understand the principles of deliberate creation.


Whether you want to manifest abundance, successweight loss, improved relationships, health, a career change, personal growth or anything else, the process you engage in is the process of deliberate creation. You can also call it conscious creation, intentional living, or simply "manifesting."


What many people call "manifestation" or manifesting is deliberate creation. It is the art of bringing about the things that you want through deliberate intention and co-creation, through the power of attraction and consciously co-creating with the Universe.


It really goes beyond positive thinking and using affirmations. It can include those practices since they fall into the category of taking action in the overall deliberate creation process, but attracting and manifesting what you want actually much more. Deliberate creation is the entire manifestation journey you embark on when you set out to manifest your dreams, desires, and intentions.


It includes setting intentions, creating and maintaining vibrational alignment, taking action, learning to receive higher guidance, learning about synchronistic occurrences, improving your manifestation process (the concepts, beliefs, tools and methods you use), and so much more. It's a larger process than "conventional" living because it allows you to take the seat of co-author-ship in your life experience. And claiming that seat of author-ship can be transformative and life changing in big ways!

With Kidest OM's books, courses, and resources you can find the support you need to make that life changing shift a reality.

Expand Your Manifesting Mindset with these Three Manifesting Books from Kidest OM

Create the mindset shifts that raise your vibration and lead to improved manifestations.

3 BOOKS with Journal 500x397.png

Available in eBook and Print

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See what others have to say about Kidest OM's Books & Courses

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How can you start manifesting what you want?

Manifesting what you want is a skill you can learn, develop, and improve. You start by learning about manifestation by reading books, articles, watching videos or taking courses, and building your conceptual map of what manifesting is and how to put it to work in your life.


With a deeper understanding of the manifestation process that you get by studying manifesting books, you can start tapping into your inner co-creative abilities and harmoniously bring about the things you want to attract and manifest into your life.

You don't have to know everything there is to know about manifestation but having some conceptual grasp of why and how you can manifest the things you want can significantly improve how your experience your manifestation journey.


The basic fact that you can co-create with the Universe is a key understanding. From that understanding, you can also learn the language of vibration and learn to speak it in a way that gets you the manifestations you truly desire. Kidest OM's books can help you develop these skills and so much more. 

If you're new to Kidest's work, Kidest OM's manifestation books are available worldwide on Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, Google Books and more. Click on the Learn More button to get your copy of one or more of her books and join the thousands of readers worldwide who have found valuable insights on manifestation and consciousness expansion from these books. 

Unlock Your Cocreative Potential with these Three Manifesting Books from Kidest OM

Learn the manifestation methods, concepts, and strategies that lead to fulfilling manifestation journey's and then put them right to practice.

3 BOOKS with Journal 500x397.png

Available in eBook and Print

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The first step to being good at something new is building your knowledge about that new something. Manifesting and manifestation are a way of engaging with yourself and the Universe that requires some skill building. It's a skill you can learn and improve over time. The more you deliberately create your experiences, the more confident you become in your ability to attract and co-creatively manifest the things you want.


To manifest what you want with precision (so that you are actually manifesting what you want), you have to learn how to be vibrationally aware, how to send out the kinds of energetic signals that lead to manifesting the things you want. Deliberate creation and the process of manifestation is as much a learning journey as any other. Self-awareness, self-regulation, energy or vibration management, forward manifestation momentum, knowing the feedback signals from the Universe, managing your co-creative relationship with others, and the rest all come from as you build your foundational knowledge about manifesting and co-creation. 

Anything You Want by Kidest OM — Build Your General Knowledge on Manifesting and Cocreation

In Anything You Want, you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the law of attraction and manifesting. In this book, you'll learn what beliefs help your ability to attract and manifest the things you want. You'll learn more about your co-creative power, the nature of consciousness and reality, the process of intention setting and what your attention has to do with how and what you manifest. You'll learn about the role of your nervous system in the manifestation journey.


Each of the 28 chapters in Anything You Want provide insights on key concepts on manifestation and deliberate creation. Have you ever thought about what your childhood has to do with your manifestation results or what role healthy boundaries play in your ability to generate and broadcast a clear vibrational signal? You'll find answers to these questions and more.

Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success & Fulfilment — Learn the Beliefs that can Help You Manifest Success in New and Profound Ways

In Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success & Fulfilment, you'll learn to explore and upgrade your existing success mindset. From examining your assumptions to how you believe success happens to understanding the nature of consciousness in manifesting success, you'll learn many expansive and insightful approaches to success that can help you shift and upgrade your existing beliefs about success. You'll find many expansive thought-provoking questions and insights that will help you shift how you approach success in all areas of your life. 

Get your copy today and make these powerful and transformational manifesting books your invaluable manifesting resources!

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