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How the Fundamental Nature of Reality Gifts You with Manifesting Abilities

The fundamental nature of reality and consciousness has encoded you with the ability to manifest what you want and desire. All the manifestation methods, tips, and techniques on making your dreams, desires, and intentions manifest work because you are intrinsically designed to cocreate with the Universe and the people in your life.

Why and how does manifesting work?

To understand why you can affect and influence your reality, you must put consciousness first in your map of how reality and the physical Universe unfold. Consciousness permeates all levels of unmanifest and manifest reality, including the realities of the living Universe.

Whether you refer to consciousness as the Implicate Order, Universal Intelligence, the Unified Field, the Zero Point field or, Cosmic Consciousness, it is the source of physical and nonphysical realities.

From this primary level of existence that we call Consciousness, all other forms that give rise to the physical universe emerge.

Reality emerges or unfolds from the higher-dimensional domains of Consciousness where many possibilities simultaneously exist. These higher-dimensional energy patterns and events can be called “potentialities” or “probable realities.” Higher-ordered energy versions of the events you eventually experience as actual in your physical life precede all manifested events and experiences.

Potentialities or probable realities exist independent of space-time. They are nonlocal energy occurrences existing in domains of experience that are undetectable to your five physical senses.

Although these higher-dimensional realities or potentialities are undetectable to the five physical senses, if you develop your upper chakras, your own nonlocal consciousness can provide you with higher mind and higher awareness perceptions of these "Unmanifest" domains.

The "Unknown" or the "Unmanifest" is a conscious living field of higher intelligence, vibrant energy, and information flow imperceptible to your five physical senses.

The universe is conscious. The cosmos is conscious.

Physical reality is a secondary domain of experience. The world you perceive and register with your five physical senses, the observable Universe, is a secondary domain of experience. It’s what David Bohm called the "explicate" in his book Wholeness and the Implicate Order.

How Consciousness Directs the Wave-Function of Potentialities

The steady act of non-local observation brings these potentialities or probable events into actualization in the physical domain. When you actualize a potentiality through mental observation (thought, intention, choice), you can cocreatively give it material form in the physical dimension.

The steady act of observation (by an observer) includes several different mental functions and processes. Mental functions are the functions of Mind. If you're used to thinking of your thought processes as the only activity of your embodied existence, that's a belief filter to update. Mind is a process of consciousness both at the localized and nonlocal levels.

I want to highlight here that “Mind” isn’t only referring to the processes of the brain. Here, “Mind” refers to the processes of consciousness involving the brain and your whole energy system. Each one of your energy centers is a center of intelligence and perception. “Mind,” as referenced in this post, includes your whole bio-field anatomy, the nervous system, energy centers, and energy field. It also includes non-local levels of mind.

Mind is a dynamic and emergent aspect of consciousness and occupies a broader dimension of existence that includes matter. Mind has a perspective of the material dimension that allows it to create subtle alterations, influences, and effects.

The processes of mind, some of your mental processes if developed, can in part be higher-dimensional or nonlocal processes. They can be creative and can incrementally impact higher-dimensional energy events. Expectation as a mental function and process, decision-making as a cognitive function, story formation, asking open-ended questions as a mental process, and creating and forming beliefs and assumptions can all create micro-effects on these higher-dimensional organizations of energy and information flow because these mental processes (when coherent) are the processes of co-creative consciousness.

These various mental processes are a way or angle of observation for consciousness. It's how consciousness "looks at" the world — the very act of looking that can have the effect of altering matter. Your internal stories, beliefs, assumptions, expectations, decisions, and questions could influence and impact the trajectory of these nonlocal probabilities when those mental filters are the filters through which consciousness observes the flows of information you experience as reality.

The more consistent and persistent your expectations, the more predictable what you can and do actualize in the domain of matter. Whether you look at the placebo effect, the recorded evidence for how positive beliefs and other mental acts like visualization positively impact and alter your health and well-being, or for how energy healing can transform the human system, that mind cocreatively creates direct and subtle effects and alterations on matter is obvious.

Manifestation Course

How Seeing Consciousness as Being the Ground of Reality Changes Your Experience

As an embodied perceiving expression of consciousness, you have nonlocal attributes that allow you to progressively affect the physical Universe — including your physical body, your DNA, and your psychological, emotional, and physical experiences.

When consciousness comes first in your philosophical and practical model for embodied life, when your beliefs and assumptions about the nature of reality include that consciousness precedes mind and matter and that you are an expression of this consciousness, all of how the processes of mind observably affect matter start to make sense.

With this shift in perspective, with this update to your model of reality, you gain the psychological lenses that allow you to notice and receive the signals from the Unified Field that reflect your empowered cocreative seat in the Universe.

You more easily internalize your ability to cocreate your experience, attract what you want and desire, and transform different facets of your life through the power of intention and beliefs.

Having a paradigm or worldview that puts consciousness first psychologically shifts your perception of your position in the flow of physical reality to one of empowerment. You stand in the perspective and directly perceive your cocreative and participatory role in your life experiences. It is this empowered perspective that gives rise to:

  • a stable and enduring understanding of your efficacy

  • ownership of your personal agency to self-evolve

  • the realization of your participatory role in cocreation

  • the knowledge and strategies you need to manifest your desires

Emphasizing Cocreation in Deliberate Creation

A key emphasis to make here is that deliberate creation, consciously and intentionally creating the things you want with Universal Intelligence, is a co-creative exercise. Just like in physical life, you don't make anything happen all by yourself when attracting and manifesting the things you want.

You co-create with others in your life, and you co-create with the larger field of intelligence that is responsible for the existence of the cosmos and all life.

Assumptions of the Consciousness First Worldview

As a final touch point, here’s an overview of a few of the assumptions included in this worldview:

  1. Consciousness precedes all levels of reality.

  2. Consciousness is eternal, it is ever-present and independent of space-time.

  3. You are both a nonlocal and embodied form of consciousness.

  4. Matter and the material world are permeated by consciousness (at varying degrees of complexity) — there is nowhere where consciousness is not.

  5. Consciousness can (and does) influence, affect, or alter matter and the material world.

  6. Physical reality and the manifested world are a secondary domain of experience that emerge from the primary domain of consciousness.

  7. All possible events exist as energy-events in the higher-dimensional fields of existence and are imperceptible to the five senses.

  8. Consciousness evolves through incremental changes (and quantum leaps*).

  9. Manifestation involves co-creation every step of the way.

*Future blog posts will cover quantum leaps.

If you want a more in-depth exploration of the nature of reality and your being, I recommend reading and reviewing chapters 4 through 11 in my book Anything You Want. My book Anything You Want is available worldwide in ebook, print, and audiobook.

Kidest OM is a manifestation author and teacher with indispensable books and online courses designed to help you attract and manifest what you want. Her books include "Anything You Want" and "Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success & Fulfilment" which are available globally in eBook, print, and audiobook on her website and through online book retailers.


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