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How to Raise Your Vibration by Keeping a Daily Gratitude List

Practicing gratitude by giving thanks daily for specific experiences in your life can help you raise your vibration. The practice of gratitude itself is simple. Your goal and focus for the practice is to pay attention to a handful of things in your experience that were a blessing, made your life easier, and added a moment of uplift to your day-to-day experience. One of the easiest ways to tap into all the benefits of a regular gratitude practice, including raising your vibration, is to keep a daily gratitude list.

Things to Include in Your Daily Gratitude List

There are a lot of little things that happen in a single day that if you start to pay attention to the things that made you smile, that made you feel connected, that made you feel loved, that made you feel at ease, you’ll see that little moments do unfold throughout the day that bring about positive sensations and emotions. From something as simple as how good your cup of coffee turned out in the morning to finding exactly the thing you’re looking for at a store you went to, to someone holding the door open for you because they noticed your hands were full, there are little moments of kindness, generosity, convenience, of things working out in some shape or form that you can dwell on. Dwelling on that moment by thinking about it and writing it out allows you to really savor the positive energetic tone that moment of experience brought into your day.

Here are a few of the areas you can focus on to make your gratitude list:

  • Things with family, friends, coworkers, children, and pets that brought you pleasure that day

  • Things in your environment or in nature that you paused to appreciate

  • Things you read, saw or heard in your environment that you enjoyed that day

  • Things you enjoyed about your routine activities for that day (eating, walking,, driving etc.)

  • Things you enjoyed at work

  • Things someone said to you that day

  • Things someone did for you that day

  • Things you got to say or do for someone else

So the practice itself is simple — what you do in a gratitude practice is pay attention to the good feeling stuff sprinkled throughout the day every day. The practice part is the key to raising your vibration with a daily gratitude list. You have to commit and do the practice to gain the benefits that come with a daily gratitude practice. You have to create that time each day, that three minutes, or five minutes, or 10 minutes you spend on this task of focusing on and paying attention to how you’re blessed, and the ways that you’re blessed, and specifically making a note of the things that showed up to evoke those feelings of ease, peace, clarity, understanding, love, joy, or delight.

Specificity is a key part of really tapping into the positive energy your daily gratitude list can help you access. Being as specific as possible as to what it is that you enjoyed, or were delighted in, or benefitted from, the details of the experience, and the act of focusing on the details of that specific experience allows you to really savor and take in the positive vibration of that specific moment. That savoring, dwelling on the details of the experience, evokes this emotion of gratefulness. The vibrational tones and energetic frequency of gratefulness bring many benefits to your well-being. When you make practices of this kind a regular part of your day, there is a cumulative effect of the positive energy you start to evoke and tap into repeatedly in yourself. That cumulative effect of the positive energy that you experience brings with it energetic changes, and it also brings with it psychological and physiological changes that help to nourish your mind and body in several different ways.

The energetic changes that a daily and consistent gratitude practice brings include starting to tune and harmonize your mind and body with positive energy. When you continually pay attention to and focus on these moments of uplift by focusing on what gave you joy, what brought about delight, what brought about a sense of appreciation, and what brought about a sense of inner ease, you start to create the psychological, emotional, and physiological habit of harmonizing with positive energy.

These emotions of ease, appreciation, joy, and delight are all emotional tones that reveal the flow of life force being optimal when these emotions are felt. The experience of feeling uplifted, feeling grateful, and feeling happy to any degree is the feeling of being receptive to positive energy. So when you create a habit of being receptive to positive energy every day through making your daily gratitude list, you build your capacity to be receptive to receive more positive energy.

Daily tuning yourself to positive energy does start to help you shift your perspective. Seeing the good and expecting the good are cognitive habits that help you tune into the positive flow of Universal Energy. Because you’re actively looking for things to appreciate and be grateful for daily, you start to condition yourself to notice the good, the positive, and the overall currents of positive energy in the environment. There is a circulation of positive energy all around you. What allows you to pick up on the signals of positive information flow from the Unified Field and in the environment is a receptivity to that frequency.

Those moments of uplift, no matter their scale, whether they’re micro-moments of uplifting experiences or more significant events in your life, your ability to notice, and register them, is indicating your ability to notice, register, and translate the energetic signals from the Field that vibrates in that spectrum of positive energy. Such a habitual state of receptivity to positive energy is a shift in consciousness — it is a positive change to your overall vibration.

Create the habit of daily adding to your gratitude list. Schedule it on your calendar or set a reminder on your mobile device. Make it as much a necessity as maintaining your physical hygiene. Daily reflecting on and writing about specific things you are grateful for is a way of maintaining good energetic or vibrational hygiene.

Raising Your Vibration with a Manifestation Journal

Another helpful resource for raising your vibration is using a manifestation journal and planner. Raising your vibration is mostly about regularly managing your habits of thoughts and emotions. To increase your vibrational self-awareness and engage your ability to self-regulate, you can use my 52-week manifestation journal and planner designed to help you track, measure, and improve your level of clarity, commitment, alignment, and follow-through each week for a full year.

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Whether you keep a daily gratitude list in a notebook or use a manifestation planner and journal, when you make a consistent daily effort at regulating your thoughts and emotions, you will experience shifts and changes for the better on many levels.

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