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Law of Attraction Planner and Manifestation Journal from a Manifesting Coach

One of the well-established research findings in psychology is that journaling is an essential self-care practice that can help you self-reflect, stay creative, and strengthen your self-awareness and self-regulation skills. Positive journaling can promote well-being in many different ways.

When it comes to manifesting your dream life, it won't surprise you to learn that having a dedicated manifesting journal and planner that you consistently use will help your manifestation results.

What is manifesting?

Manifesting is one of the overall terms used to describe the process of attracting something that you want through co-creation. Manifestation, deliberate creation, and conscious creation are all different terms used to describe this process.

When you manifest something, you use the language of vibration (intentions, beliefs, thoughts, emotions) and your action taking, to ask the Universe for the thing that you want and then co-creatively bring it into your experience.

The co-creation part is that it's through meaningful synchronicity and higher guidance, that Universal Intelligence helps you realize or bring into the physical dimension the thing that you've asked for (or something better).

What is the science behind manifestation?

While you won't yet find modern scientific studies explaining why the law of attraction works, the best resource to help you understand why intentions, thoughts, emotions, and vibration can affect your physical experiences is some of the findings of quantum physics.

The Universe is both vibrational and physical, as are you.

Within the paradigm or worldview that quantum physics offers, consciousness has the ability to influence, impact, and even alter the trajectory of potentials or possibilities. (For more on this, check out my other post How the Fundamental Nature of Reality Gifts You With Manifesting Abilities.)

law of attraction planner to help you with co-creating with the universe

What can you attract and manifest through deliberate creation?

You can set an intention to manifest all sorts of different things. From as simple and playful as manifesting a parking spot, to your life purpose, to wealth and abundance, career growth or promotions, health-related outcomes like healing, fitness-related outcomes, love and relationships, personal growth outcomes like improving your reading speed, different types of success, and so much more.

You can even intend to manifest a positive mindset and strengthen your ability to express an overall optimistic disposition toward life. A positive mindset is a quality of mind that can help you broadcast the kinds of vibrational signals that lead to fulfilling manifestation journeys.

The 4 Elements For Successfully Manifesting What You Want

In order to manifest your dreams and desires, you have to complete four unique steps.

Step 1: Achieving Clarity

Step 2: Setting Intentions

Step 3: Creating and maintaining vibrational alignment

Step 4: Take inspired action

Moving through these different milestones of the manifestation journey (getting clear, setting your intention, creating and maintaining vibrational alignment, and taking inspired action) with vibrational awareness in your daily life makes consistent, satisfying manifestation results possible.

When you’re moving through the steps of manifestation with self-awareness, managing and regulating your vibration, and having time for self-reflection, you experience more flow in the journey. You catch and adjust habits of thought and emotion flow promptly, so that what you’re doing within yourself, what you’re doing vibrationally, supports the manifestation of what you want.

The language of co-creation is vibration. Your energetic broadcast is in creative communication with Universal Intelligence. It's that ongoing vibrational communication that helps to bring about the manifestation of what you want or intend.

To have coherent, harmonic communication flows between you, others, and the Unified Field, maintaining your vibration must be a daily top priority. This takes effort, awareness, and personal accountability. Just as you tend to your personal hygiene daily, you must tend to your energetic or vibrational hygiene daily.

This necessity for self-awareness, self-regulation, and vibrational accountability was one of the reasons CEOs, business owners, and high-performing individuals from all over the world sought me out to be their manifestation coach.* Creating and having that accountability checkpoint with someone who spoke and understood the manifestation process and journey was what helped them manifest their business and personal intentions.

My former clients achieved their intentions for health, weight loss, and business growth through the manifestation process.

(* please note, I no longer offer manifesting coaching but keep reading for a helpful tool I’ve designed to help you on these elements )

What makes manifestation methods work?

While the tools, techniques, and strategies for manifestation are many, the common denominator for successful outcomes is your level of clarity, commitment, alignment, and follow-through. Consciousness, mindset, state of being, and vibration make the plethora of law of attraction tools, techniques, and strategies available effective.

Whether you use positive affirmations, scripting, guided visualizations, vision boards, or anything else, what's key is the consciousness you're bringing to the process.

Your vibration is key. Having a positive vibration, which comes from positive habits of thought and emotion, plays a significant role in how well you receive guidance and how clear your vibrational broadcast is in your daily life.

The secret sauce of all those techniques is you (your consciousness) and the energy or level of harmonic coherence you bring to those manifestation techniques.

A 52-Week Law of Attraction Journal You Can Put to Use on Your Manifesting Journey

To help you practice much of what you already know about the law of attraction and manifesting, I’ve created a 52-week annual planner and journal you can purchase on amazon.

In my 52-week Manifestation Planner & Journal you’ll find:

  • Prompts that help you set clear and specific intentions

  • Self-assessment Questions you can answer each week on your level of clarity, commitment, alignment, and follow-through

  • 10 questions designed to help you self-reflect on and manage your intentions, vibrations, and actions each week,

  • Inspirational quotes

  • Additional note-taking space to record your thoughts, insights, and learnings for the week

  • A list of harmonic positive emotions you can review each week to see where you are on the emotional guidance scale

Using this law of attraction planner will help you stay on track and in alignment week after week for a full year.

Why I Created This Law of Attraction Planner

Having worked as a manifesting coach with high-performing individuals from different walks of life for over ten years, I observed that to maintain the positive momentum it takes to manifest the desired outcome or intention, there were key common elements that deliberate creators needed to pay consistent attention to.

These common elements are clarity, commitment, alignment, and follow-through. When deliberate creators have these four elements in check regularly, they experience flow in their manifestation journey.

The 4 Elements of Consistent Manifestation Results
The 4 Elements of Consistent Manifestation Results

Tracking and measuring your weekly progress in this loa journal will give you an objective picture of how you’re moving through the different milestones of the manifestation journey. An objective picture of your progress and process will give you a vantage point from which you can create energy shifts and adjustments in your manifestation process.

By engaging with the loa planner each week, you engage with yourself and set yourself up to be in that flow where satisfying manifestation results are sure to follow.

Between weekly use of the manifesting planner and continuing to develop, evaluate and fine-tune your manifestation process, you’re equipped to internalize the vibrational and energy flow habits it takes to have those satisfying consistent manifestation results.

Kidest OM is a manifestation author and teacher with indispensable books and online courses designed to help you attract and manifest what you want. Her books include "Anything You Want" and "Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success & Fulfilment" which are available globally in eBook, print, and audiobook on her website and through online book retailers.


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