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5 Beliefs to Help Increase Your Vibrational Frequency

In this blog post, explore five powerful beliefs that can help you raise your vibrational frequency. Whether you're seeking more joy, love, abundance, or just an overall positive shift in your life, these beliefs can serve as a guiding light on your personal journey of transformation.

By adopting and incorporating beliefs like these into your daily life, you can align yourself with higher, more positive frequencies that can ultimately help you attract the experiences you desire.

What is vibrational frequency?

The concept of vibrational frequency is rooted in the idea that everything in the universe, including thoughts and emotions, emits a distinct energetic vibration. Put another way, your vibrational frequency is the output of your predominant beliefs about yourself, others, and the Universe.

Beliefs are the mental constructs and models you use to make sense of your life experiences. They inform your thoughts, emotions, habits, and behaviors in life. These beliefs and associated thoughts, emotions, and habits emit or produce an energetic frequency — a specific waveform “event.” The more positive your vibrational frequency, the product of your predominant beliefs, the more enjoyable your life experiences. While it might sound like a metaphysical concept, many people have found that understanding and actively managing their vibrational frequency can lead to profound life changes.

How Beliefs Can Help You Increase Your Vibrational Frequency

Key positive beliefs about yourself and your place in the Universe help you increase your vibrational frequency. Positive beliefs are those ideas or mental models that support well-being, optimism, gratitude, and other life-affirming or life-enriching habits of thought and emotion.

Positive beliefs help you focus on the good, identify what's working and going well, and generally put your attention on the enjoyable, enriching, and fulfilling aspects of life. The ability to focus on beauty, creativity, innovation, growth, expansion, abundance, and the overall vibrancy of life comes from a positive mindset or from embodying positive beliefs.

By examining your existing beliefs and then choosing to embody and live from positive and harmonic beliefs, you can gain the many benefits of embodying a positive vibration — increased health and well-being, satisfying relationships, increased resilience, and enjoyable manifestation journeys.

Belief in Your Ability to Impact Your Vibration

The first belief that will set you up to raise or increase your vibrational frequency as you desire is “I can permanently increase my vibration” or “I can permanently raise my vibration.” Because life has endowed you with the capacity for self-awareness and self-regulation, skills you can develop and improve at any stage of life, you have the capacity to upgrade your mindset and habits to reflect a higher vibrational frequency.

Through self-awareness and self-regulation, you can develop a keen awareness of your inner world. This keen awareness lets you know your habits of thought and emotion. From that self-knowledge, you can begin to release the habits of thought and emotion that don’t serve you while internalizing the habits of thought and emotion that result in a permanent shift to your vibration for the better.

Belief in Your Inherent Lovability

Knowing that you are loveable, that you belong, and that you matter are love-based harmonic beliefs that help you to have a harmonic vibrational frequency. The energy of love is a harmonic and orderly vibration. It calibrates "high."

When you embrace your inherent loveable nature, you become aligned with the life-affirming signals from Universal Intelligence. The Universe created you and put you here. The Universe or Universal Intelligence gave you the gift of life out of love.

Embodying a belief of this nature and knowing that you are inherently lovable as a creation of Universal Intelligence can help you calibrate in the high-frequency life-rich spectrums of consciousness.

Belief in Higher or Universal Intelligence

When you have an embodied recognition that, at this moment, a higher power and intelligence is coordinating and orchestrating all aspects of your embodied existence, you more readily move into states of trust and trusting. "A higher, loving, Universal Intelligence is orchestrating my life experiences" is a life-rich belief. It reflects positive thoughts, positive emotions, and an overall positive, energetic stance.

These types of positive states allow you to experience more ease in your life and manifestation journeys. For example, trusting Universal Intelligence can move you into a state of inner peace, physical relaxation, and an overall sense of well-being — these types of felt experiences indicate an increase in your vibrational frequency.

Belief in Your Co-creative Power

Knowing that you can co-creatively influence and impact your life’s circumstances is an empowered belief. Believing in your co-creative power is both self-belief, a belief in yourself, and a belief in the collaborative, supportive, and responsive nature of Universal Intelligence.

Both positive self-belief and belief in Universal Intelligence as creative and supportive are life-rich or positively "charged" beliefs. Universal Intelligence does see you, hear you, and respond to you. You’re an integral part of life. When you believe you have a co-creative influence in your life, you make the types of decisions that help you stay empowered. That feeling of empowerment is more than a felt experience.

It’s also an outlook that helps you see and connect to the types of resources that affirm and confirm that you do, in fact, have the power to co-create your experiences with Universal Intelligence.

Belief in a Self-Healing Universe

One empowered belief that can help you increase your vibrational frequency is that life and the Universe heal as they “grow and go.”

If you look at the self-healing capacity of your physical body as well as many forms of life in the natural world, you can expand that observation to mean that the Universe is self-healing. Physically, emotionally, and vibrationally, life moves into greater and greater orders of harmony and harmonic balance while healing, renewing, and regenerating as it expands.

A belief in a self-healing Universe can help you internalize a mindset of resilience and help you to prioritize the “I heal as I grow and go” mentality.

Other Ways to Increase Your Vibrational Frequency

In addition to positive beliefs, resourceful habits can help you permanently increase your vibrational frequency. Like positive beliefs, resourceful or "positive" habits are those habits that promote and support well-being on multiple levels.

A daily gratitude practice that helps you focus on the blessings already in your life, an attitude and willingness to keep learning, cultivating healthy social relationships, regular physical movement that helps you stay grounded, good nutrition, proper hydration, approaching activities that challenge you to stretch your comfort zone, and the incorporation of fun and playfulness in your life can all help to increase your vibrational frequency permanently.

In summary, the beliefs that

(1) you can increase your vibration,

(2) you are loveable,

(3) there is a loving higher intelligence orchestrating your life,

(4) you have co-creative power, and

(5) you live in a self-healing Universe can all work together to help you permanently raise or increase your vibrational frequency.

When you combine positive or harmonic beliefs with positive habits, you can attract and manifest enjoyable, enriching, and fulfilling life experiences for the long-term.

Kidest OM is a manifestation author and teacher with indispensable books and online courses designed to help you attract and manifest what you want. Her books include "Anything You Want" and "Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Paths to Success & Fulfilment" which are available globally in eBook, print, and audiobook on her website and through online book retailers.


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